BG4I-25 Buddhagupta - The Four Immeasurables

བདག་གིམཛའ་བོབྱམས་པཞིགགིསབདག་གི་ལུསསྤོསདངཙན་དནལ་སོགས་པི་བྱུག་པཉུགཅིངབསྙེན་བཀུརདང་བྟིསྟངབྱེདབཀུར་སྟིི་བདེ་བདགའ་ཞིངཆགས་པཡང་མེད དགྲ་བོཞིགགིསབདག་གིསལུསབརྡེགབརྡུངལ་སོགས་པབྱེདན་ཡངདེ་ལའངམིཁྲོཞིངབརྡེགབརྡུངགིསྡུག་བསྔལདང་དུ་བླང་བདང། སྡུགགོམིསྙམསྟེ བདེ་སྡུགདགའ་མི་དགའམེད་པི་བཏང་སྙོམསཞེས་བྱའོ

Even if someone you are attracted to were to anoint your body with perfume, sandalwood and the like, to caress you, and to treat you with honour and respect, you must not become overjoyed or attached to such pleasures. And even if an enemy were to physically abuse you, by beating and striking you, you must not become angry. Instead, joyfully accept the pain of being struck and beaten, rather than concentrating on the suffering. This is known as equanimity that is free from happiness and sorrow in the face of joy and suffering.