About This Website

This started as a private document of Tibetan translations that I collected and used hyperlinks to connect Tibetan text with corresponding dictionary entries. It would have not been possible without the generous amount of material available online from various web sites. The concept is to look at existing Tibetan texts and translations and learn from the translations via links associated with words, constructs, sentences and topics. It is very similar to how programmers learn huge program code files by looking at existing code with its annotated comments. The more often you encounter the construct or word, the sooner you learn it. If you study these pages over and over, at some point you will internalize more and more small words up to whole dharma terms.

This is an on-going project and it is doubtful it will ever finish due to the immeasurable amount of dharma available. 

The materials cover all Tibetan and Indian traditions with no bias to any specific school, system, philosophical tenet or tradition. Any listings are done either in alphabetical or chronological order.

Some of these texts are work in progress and I will upload more updates frequently to fill in the gaps. As Internet is as impermanent as anything else, there might be broken links and missing page references, but the intent is to update those if needed.

I want to thank: Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Her Eminence Sakya Jetsun Chimey Luding, Lama Kunga Rinpoche and multiple other Tibetan teachers from the four major lineagess as well as Western teachers.

All errors are from my deluded mind -  corrections most welcome and please check the original sources for more clarifications or talk to qualified teachers. But it's better to have dharma material available than residing on a private hard disk so I hope this will benefit as many as possible. This is indeed work in progress. This work is dedicated to the welfare of all sentient beings, immeasurable in count.

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