{C}covetous; pollution; attached to; tied by; get stuck; misconstrue as; adhere to; handle; unattached; bent on; home; support


{LCh}rAga; {C}lubdha; {C}lepa; {C}SaGga (=saMyoga); {C,MSA}sakta; {C,MSA,MV}sakti; {C}sajjati (=abhinivezate); {C}parAmRzati (=mA rUpa-Ady-abhiniveza-yogena grahIr ity); {C}asakta; {MSA}Asakti; {MSA}kRpaNA; {MSA}kRpaNa; {MSA}bhakta; {MSA}lAbha; {MSA}saGgatA; {C}adhyavasita; {C}nizrayu; tRSNa


[780] 1. ( ཐ་མི་དད་པ) 1) 'dod pa/ ... rgyu nor la chags pa/ ... 'dod yon la chags pa/ ... ri bong tshang la chags pa/ ... 2) gnas pa'am 'jags pa/ ... gzhis chags pa/ ... lhing chags pa/ ... sa bzhin du chags pa dang/ rdo bzhin du gnas pa/ ... 3) byung ba dang/ grub pa/ ... 'brel ba chags pa/ ... mngal chags pa/ ... btsa' chags pa/ ... 'bras bu chags pa/ ... ma lag cha tshang zhig chags pa/ ... 2. 'dod pa/ ... chags pa med pa/ ... chags pa'i tshig ...


gardha. sneha. rakta. lobha. saMrAga. abhigRddha


See also འཆག་པ, 'move, walk.'


passion, *, obsession, appear, arise, become, change into, turn into, animals living on surface of water, compassion, sex, be fond of, attached to, love, cling, be begotten, produced, spring up, originate, come forth, come to light, appear, lust, affection, greed, acquisitiveness, formation, congelation, agglutination, tread, SA 'chag pa


1) ( ཐ་མི་དད་པ), ; 1) desire, lust, *, be attached, craving for, desirous one, 1 experiencing r ga); 

2) remain [Gnas pa'am 'jags pa Gzhis chags pa,...Lhing chags pa,...Sa bzhin du chags pa dang, rdo bzhin du gnas pa]; 

3) arise, exist, be established/ begotten/ produced/ done, creation; 

4) affection, longing, compassion occuring; 

5) pollution 

(6) dignity 

(7) bad circumstances, 

(8) evolution 

(9) contain [byin rlabs mi chags pa - the blessing (can) not be contained] 

(10) be proper). 

1) ( ཐ་མི་དད་པ; 

1) desire, lust, *, be attached, craving for, desirous one, 1 experiencing r ga; 2) remain; 3) arise, exist, be established/ begotten/ produced/ done, creation; 4) affection, longing, compassion occurring; 5) pollution; 6) dignity; 7) bad circumstances; 8) evolution; 9) contain; 10) be proper


*; to be attached (to); passion; to form/ evolve; (phase of) formation


to become, turn into. to be attracted to, love; draws it to, seduced, lured. {chags pa, chags pa, chags pa} intr. v.; 

1) to be attached, desire; *; passion, lust, desire, craving for; the desirous one [who is experiencing desire]. 

2) creation, arising, evolution; (phase of) formation; to be begotten, produced, to form/ evolve; formed, produced/ arise, come forth. 

3) dignified ཞིཞིངཆགས་པ peaceful and dignified; 

4) pollution. མ་ཆགས་པའི་སྔོན་རོལ་དུbefore our kalpa arose