earth; ground; level; stage; land; place; spot; degree


{C}solid ground; place of birth; surface of the earth


pRthivI. bhUmi


{C,MSA,MV}*; {LCh,C,MSA,MV}*; {C,MV}bhU; {C}dharaNi; {C}dharaNI-tala


[2887] bod yig gsal byed nyer brgyad pa 'di'i nga ro 'don tshul la skye gnas so dang/ byed pa lce rtse/ nang gi rtsol ba mgrin pa phye ba/ phyi'i rtsol ba srog chen dro zhing sgra med pa/ ... 1.1) ming gzhi'i mo yig cig ... 2) rjes 'jug yi ge ga nga ba ma'i rjes su 'jug pa'i yang 'jug ... ga nga ba ma ... 3) rjes 'jug pho yig gi skyes bu tha ma zhig ... 4) ming gzhi 'ga' zhig gi yas nas 'dogs rgyu'i yi ge zhig ... 2 ... .1) 'byung ba bzhi'i ya gyal zhig ste ngo bo sra zhing 'thas pa dang/ byed las rgyu ba dang mi rgyu ba'i 'jig rten thams cad skye zhing gnas pa'i rten byed pa/ ... sa 'bol po/ ... me tog gi sil mas sa bkang ba/ ... sa brlag gi a bra/ sde brlag gi rkun ma/ ... 2) rten gnas sam gnas gzhi/ ... sa btsan po/ ... sdod sa/ ... 'gro sa/ ... yod sa/ ... gros 'dri sa/ ... mthong sa/ ... 3) go gnas/ ... che sa/ ... mtho sa/ ... 4) phyugs nad cig ... 5) grangs kyi gnas/ ... zhag sa bcus bsgyur/ ... zhag sar bsgril/ ... 6) sa lam gnyis kyi nang tshan du gyur pa'i sa ste/ rang gi 'bras bur gyur pa'i yon tan du ma'i gzhi rten byed pa'i lam zhugs kyi mngon rtogs te/ dman pa sa brgyad dang/ theg chen sa bcu lta bu'o/ ...



1 འབྱུང་བར་གྱུར་པའི་རེག་བྱནང་ཚནདུགྱུར་པི་སྲ་ཞིང་འཐས་པ

2 sa lam gnyis kyi nang tshan du gyur pa'i sa/ rang gi 'bras bur gyur pa'i yon tan du ma'i gzhi rten byed pa'i lam zhugs kyi mngon rtogs/



(1) (ground that is within the set of tangible objects that are elements:) hard and obstructive; 

(2) (ground that is within the set of the two, grounds and paths:) a clear realizer of one who has entered a path which serves as the basis of the many qualities that are its own effect


earth is one of the four tangible objects that are elements ('byung bar gyur pa'i reg bya); the others are: fire ( མེ); water ( ཆུ); and wind ( རླུང); Other examples of grounds are: nyan thos kyi sa = ground of Hearers; rang sangs rgyas kyi sa = ground of Solitary Realizers; lus kyi gnad che sar = at important places in the body{PH} Def. too long


1. རིགས་པི་

2. བརྒྱད་པའི་ས

3. མཐོང་པི་ 

4. བསྲབས་པའི་ས

5. འདོད་ཆགས་དང་བྲལ་བའི་ས

6. བྱས་པ་རྟོགས་པའི་ས


1. ground of the lineage ; 

2. ground of the eighth ; 

3. ground of seeing ; 

4. ground of diminishment ; 

5. ground of the freedom from desire ; 

6. ground of realizing completion


mahI. mRttikA


earth element, solidifying force, solidity, solidification, ground, land, earth, soil, continent, territory, location, place, level, spot, space, occasion, opportunity, position, step, grade, state, degree, stage, plateau, site, bhumi, clay, dust, figure 28, location particle, level of awakening, stage, level of realization


1) earth [element], soil, land, ground, surface; 

2) bhumi * three seat, throne; 

3) state, stage, level; 

4) location, place; 

5) realm; 

6) day; 

7) living quarters, residence; 

8) base; 

9) earthen, clay; 

10) plateau; 

11) SA; 

12) subsequent letter; 3) rank; 4) a cattle disease; 5) #


(verb)-sa - (point of) potential . . . ; environment of . . . ; place of . . .. earth; spiritual level/ bhumi; level of ordinary being; isc. state


Level. The levels or stages a bodhisattva traverses on the journey to complete enlightenment. 1) earth [element], ground, land, soil, base, territory. 2) stage, state, level, ground, bhumi [spiritual level of attainment of a bodhisattva]. 3) seat, throne. 4) living quarters, residence, location, place. 5) realm. 6) ground, earthen plateau, earth; 7) occasion. {slob sa'i yul} anyone on whom to train. ground [thd]