opportunity; occasion; armor; (terminating particle indicating the end of a statement). As verb: understand


{C}opportunity; occasion; room; occasion for





1. skabs dang/ mtshams dang/ gnas/ ... snga phyi go ldog ... go mtshams med pa/ ... 

2. grangs 'bor dgu bcu dang/ de'i gcig gnas rnams kyi bar du sbyor ba'i phrad cig ... dgu bcu go gcig ... go dgu/ ... 

3. ga mthar 'jug pa'i slar bsdu'i phrad cig ... ga ... 'di ni lug go / ... rdo tshang ma bcag go / ...


Comment: One of eleven terminating particles go, ngo, do, no, bo, mo, 'o, ro, lo, so, to, which follow their respective suffixes with to following the extra suffix da.


place, room, space, position, rank, condition of life, way, to hear, to understand, nineties particle, take it to be


hear, hear of, be told about, understand, comprehend, know about, realize, notice, take notice of understanding, intellectual grasp, understanding only w the intellect, theory, idea, meaning, theoretical understanding, armor, 90, place, room, space, comprehension. 1) occasion, mtshams dang, gnas,...Snga phyi go ldog ...go mtshams med pa; 2) 90's particle; 3) terminative


1) Abbr. of {go ba}. 

2) Abbr. of {go cha} 

3) numerical particle for the nineties. 

4) place, room, space, See also གོ་མ་འགག་པ

5) comprehension