thing; [functioning] thing; impermanent thing; phenomenon; entity; category; actuality


{N}topic; {C}actual reality; real thing; substantial (entity); root; basis; underlying reality; (objective) entity; objective reality; property; possession; cause; objectively existing entity; objective basis; existence; (= 5 skandhas); positivity; positive existent; topic; an entity which corresponds to; meaning of a word; what is meant by (a) word; track


bhAva. vastu


{LCh,MSA,MV,C,L}*; {LCh,MSA,MV,C,L}*; {L}dravya; {L}mUla; {MSA}upadhi; {C}padArtha; {GD:106}sat


[677] 1 ... . 1)nor rdzas dang/ ca lag gam/ yo byad/ ... sems dang dngos po khag khag so so min/ ... sger gyi dngos po/ ... yid du 'ong ba'i dngos po/ ... rung ba'i dngos po/ ... rung khang dngos po/ ... nyer mkho'i dngos po tsag tsig ... 'tsho ba'i dngos po/ ... ming gi rnam grangs la dbyig dang/ zang zing/ dkor bcas so/ 

2)las don dang bya ba/ ... gsar byung dngos po/ ... gzung bya'i dngos po/ ... 'dzin byed kyi dngos po/ ... 

3)don byed nus pa ste/ rang 'dzin shes pa dang/ rang gi rgyun phyi ma la sogs pa'i rang 'bras skyed pa'i don byed nus pa'i gzugs shes ldan min 'du byed rnams so/ ... dnggos po yod pa/ ... dngos po med pa/ ... 

4) ( མངོན) shing khyi lo/ ... 2.ngo ma dang rang nyid/ ... mi dngos po phrad pa/ ...




Def.: that which is able to perform a function



1 བེམ་པོ

2 ཤེས་པ

3 ལྡན་མིནའདུསབྱེད



(1) matter; 

(2) consciousness; 

(3) non-associated compositional factor


don gcig mi rtag pa/ byas pa/ 'dus byas/ rgyu/ 'bras bu/ rang mtshan/ don dam bden pa/ mngon gyur/ mngon sum gyi snang yul/ lhan cig byed rkyen/ yod pa /


Syn.: impermanent; product; caused phenomenon; cause; effect; specifically characterized phenomenon; ultimate truth; manifest phenomenon; [B-7 adds:] appearing object of direct prime cognition; [synonym in Causes and Effects (rgyu 'bras):] cooperative condition; {GD:106} existent phenomena




thing[s], material. Skt. bhAva, vastu. ཀློང་ཆེན་པ 9.20.


matter, item, material, thing, essent, article, substance, property, reality, manifest, articles, goods, concrete states of matter, entity, concreteness, functioning thing, that which is able to perform a function, impermanent thing, the task, a particular existent, substantival existence, concrete thing, manifestly real, material substance, anything that is a substantive noun, SA rang bzhin gyi dngos po, dmigs pa'i dngos po, ldan pa'i dngos po, rgyu'i dngos po, yongs su bzung ba'i dngos po, property in gold or silver, belongings, furniture, utensils, position, occurrence, events, subject matters, virtue, thing, material phenomena, concrete things, concrete thing, material things


1) [real] things; 

2) wealth; 

3) implements [R; 2) projects, goals and actions; 

3) ability to perform a function; 

4) wood dog year {shing pho khyi} Bhava, (the 8th year; 2) actual, original, itself)/ matter, material, thing, (objective) entity, substance, property, goods, articles, given thing, any perceivable entity serving as a base for cognition, base of imputation, [an actual] existent, substantial entity, functional thing, that which corresponds to the meaning of a word, fact, phenomena, existent, activity, that which is able to perform a function, being, essence, article (in a household), (conditioned) entity,  ཡོད་པ,  ངོ་བོ, existence, entity, nature, དགོངས་པ, meaning, concreteness, existence, reality, solidity, substance, impermanent thing, substantiality, property, objects, goods, articles, subject, category, actuality, effective thing, entity, topic, existent]. 1) wealth, things, implements, syn: dbyig, zang


thing; (real) thing; substance; property; that which has substance; isc. ultimate reality [see next entry]


substantial entity, substantial existence. 

1) matter, material, things, [objective] entity, real things, substance, property, goods, articles, given thing, functioning thing, fact, thing, phenomenon, existent, thing, any perceivable entity serving as a base for cognition, base of imputation, an actual existent, a substantial entity, functional thing, 'a real thing,' subject, category, "that which corresponds to the meaning of a word," activity, "that which is able to perform a function." being, essence, [conditioned] entity. Syn  ཡོད་པ, ངོཔོ existence, entity, nature. impermanent thing, entity, matter, material, substance, substantiality, subject, category. (real) entity/ thing; property; substance; thing [in philosophical context]; matter, material; thing, [concrete functional], functional thing, impermanent thing, entities, actuality, effective thing, entity, topic, concreteness, existence, real things, 'things', being, essence, substance, thing [in philosophical context]˜ entity, a concrete thing; - substance; concrete[ness], existent; thing. 

2) article [in a household], property, materials, things, objects, goods, articles, material wealth; article; things/ material goods. 

3) bhava the 8th. of {rab byung} Wealth; Bhava, [astrological name for the 8'th year, Male Wood Dog]. Syn {shing pho khyi}. 

4)  དགོངས་པ meaning. entity [thd]. thing, "causally effective phenomena" [ggd]. chos nyid=de kho na nyid kyi dngos po=don dam pa'i dngos po'am ngo bo. x {dngos po do shal 'di la blta ba} looked at the necklace