actual [as opposed to imputed, བཏགས་པ་བ]; actual [as opposed to ancillary, ཞར]; explicit [as opposed to implicit, shugs]; direct [as opposed to indirect, rgyud]; real; manifest


{GD:386} primary sense; {GD:515} true (as opposed to metaphorical, btags pa ba); principal (as opposed to secondary, zhar); explicit (as opposed to implicit, shugs); direct (as opposed to indirect, rgyud); self (as opposed to other, gzhan)


{LCh}sAkSAt; maula;{GD:386} mukhyat


[674] ... 1) lkog gyur min pa'i mngon sum/ ... dngos 'thab 'jabs 'dzings byed/ ... dngos nas mdung phen pa dang lkog nas mda' 'phen pa/ ... rnam 'gyur dngos su ston pa/ ... mang tshogs kyi mdun du dngos su khas blangs pa/ ... 

2) brgyud pa min pa'i thad kar dang rang nyid/ ... dngos brgyud gang gzab kyis yong thabs byed pa/ ... rna bas dngos thos dang/ mig gis dngos mthong/ ... zhal ras dngos su mjal/ ... 

3) sbyor mjug gnyis min gyi dngos gzhi'am gzhung/ ... tshogs 'du dngos su 'tshogs pa/ ... las khungs gsar pa dngos su btsugs pa/ ... gzhung don dngos/ ... dngos kyi don/ ... 

4) bcos ma'am rdzun ma yin pa'i bden pa dang ngo ma/ ... dngos dang sgyur ma gang yin mi shes pa/ ... dngos rdzun dbye ba 'byed dka' ba/ ... bya spyod dngos la blta/ ...


a rather uncommon (and probably rather old) form of first-person pronoun, noticed by C.Stearns in his study of Dmar-ston's history.


material reality, real, actual, explicit, in person, original, reality, very self, proper, genuine, true, positive, chief, principal, concreteness


real[ity], [real] existence [-t]/ thing, matter, material, (objective entity, substance, substantiality, property, goods, given thing, perceivable entity serving as a base for cognition/ imputation, substance, substantial entity, functional/ effective thing, that which is able to perform a function, subject, category, that which corresponds to the meaning of a word, fact, phenomena, activity, being, essence, article (in a household, (conditioned entity,  ཡོད་པ,  ངོ་བོ, nature, དགོངས་པ, meaning, solidity, impermanent thing, objects, Bhava, (8th year, male wood dog {shing pho khyi}, topic, exist[ent], ground luminosity, actual[ly][ity], incarnate, genuine, explicit, direct, proper, full, concrete[ness], manifest, the main [part], embodiment; 1) direct, in person, face to face unconcealed perception; 2) directly, not through another; 3) not made up/ false but true/ original, genuine


actuality; actual expression/ presence; isc. (logical) proposition/ assertion; tangible; true/ real/ actual; substance


the model [after which an imitation is made]. explicit, actual, direct. sangs rgyas dngos - the Buddha in person. actual, direct, explicit [thd]. sangs rgyas kun dngos - embodiment of all Buddhas. 

1) reality, real, actual, incarnate, genuine, explicit, direct, concrete, to exist actually to have real existence, proper, fully, concreteness, manifest, ture, in person, reality, embodiment, concreteness, embodiment. 

2) abbr. དངོས་པོ

3) ground luminosity, substance, thing. 

4) has himself // true; the main; actuality; actual expression/ presence; actual, real. five meanings acc to Bodong: 

1) actual, true [opp to བཏགས་པ་བ metaphorical]. 

2) principal, primary [opp to ཞར secondary]. 

3) explicit [clearly indicated by words and so forth, opp to  ཤུགས implicit]. 

4) direct [without intermediary, opp to རྒྱུད indirect]. 

5) self [opp to གཞན other] [ggd]