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གཞན་ཡངསྣང་བཡོད་མཐའསེལ་བདང སྟོང་པམེད་མཐའསེལཞིངསྟོང་པ་ཉིད རྒྱུ་དང་འབྲས་བུའཆར་བི་ཚུལ་ཤེས མཐར་འཛིནལྟ་བའཕྲོག་པམི་འགྱུར་རོ

[ZR] Furthermore, appearance eliminates the extreme of existence
And emptiness eliminates the extreme of non-existence.

If you realize how emptiness manifests in the manner of cause and effect
Then you are not captivated by wrong notions holding extreme views. 

[AP] When you know that appearances dispel the extreme of existence,

While the extreme of nothingness is eliminated by emptiness,

And you also come to know how emptiness arises as cause and effect,

Then you will be immune to any view entailing clinging to extremes.

[GW] Appearances clear away the extreme of existence;

Voidness clears away the extreme of non-existence.
When you understand the arising of cause and effect from the viewpoint of voidness,
You are not be captivated by either extreme view. 

[US] If one knows how there appears as cause-and-fruit

Emptiness – clearing the negative extreme with the empty

And the positive extreme with the apparent – moreover,

He will not fall prey to views that hold to an extreme.

[RT] Further, while appearance eliminates absolutism, 

Emptiness eliminates nihilism,

And you know emptiness manifest as cause and effect -

Then, you will not be deprived by extremist views.