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དེ་ལྟརལམ་གྱི་གཙོ་བོ་རྣམ་གསུམགྱི གནད་རྣམསརང་གིསཇི་བཞིན་རྟོགས་པི་ཚེ དབེན་པ་བསྟེནཏེབརྩོན་འགྲུསསྟོབསབསྐྱེད་ནས གཏན་གྱི་འདུན་མམྱུར་དུསྒྲུབཤིགབུ 

[ZR] In this way you realize exactly
The vital points of the three principal aspects of the path.
Resort to seeking solitude, generate the power of effort,
And quickly accomplish your final goal, my child.

[AP] When, in this way, you have correctly understood yourself

The key points of the three principal aspects of the path,

Withdraw to solitude, dear son, strengthen your diligence,

And swiftly accomplish the ultimate and lasting aim.

[GW] Son, when you realise the keys
Of the three principals of the path,
Depend on solitude and strong effort,
And quickly reach the final goal! 

[US] When one has realised as they are, for oneself, the quick

Of the Three Principle Paths in that manner,

Wait upon solitude; beget the strength of assiduity,

And speedily effect a lasting counsel, O Sons!

[RT] When you realise the essentials

Of the three principles of the path,

Rely on solitude and powerful efforts,

And swiftly achieve the eternal goal, my son!