view; [bad] view; viewing consciousness; viewer; look; see; read


{C}sight; exhibit; visible; act of seeing; vision; being seen; his views (are upright); have in view; looking


blta lta bltas ltos


darzana. dRSTi. apekSA


{LCh,C,MV}*; {LCh,C,MSA,MV}*; {C}dRSTika; {C}avalokanatA; {MSA}*; {MSA}avekSamANa; {MSA}IkSikA; {MSA}IkSaNA; {MSA}(_/paz): pazyat; {MSA} མི་ལྟ་བ = nirapekSin


[1082] 1. ( ཐ་དད་པ) bltas pa/ blta ba/ ltos/ /1) mig gis rig par བྱེད་པ/ ... phan tshun du lta ba/ ... dpe deb la blta ba/ ... mig gnyis kyis bltas te gsal por mthong/ ... mun nag gi nang du bltas kyang mi mthong/ ... gzhan la lta ba'i mig yod kyang/ rang nyed lta na me long dgos/ ... 

2) brtags dpyad dam zhib 'jug byed pa/ ... rtsa lta ba/ ... phan gnod blta ba/ ... tshod lta ba/ ... 

3) chags pa'am brtse gdung byed pa/ ... spyi'i khe phan la blta ba/ ... rang gi lus srog la mi lta ba/ ... sger gyi khe grags la ma lta/ ... 2. ... 1) 'dod tshul/ ... kho gnyis kyi lta ba mthun gyi mi 'dug ... 2) rang mthong ngam/ rang nyid rtsis mthong/ ... lta ba gcog pa/ ... lta ba chag pa/ ... 3) chos lugs kyi lta sgom spyod gsum kyi nang tshan lta ba/ ... stong nyid rtogs pa'i lta ba/ ... yang dag pa'i lta ba/ ... log lta/ ... ngan lta/ ...


Comment: This is often afflicted view, one of the six root afflictions ( རྩ་ཉོན, mUlakleza): (1)desire ('dod chogs, rAga); 

(2) anger (khong khro, pratigha); 

(3) pride (nga rgyal, mAna); 

(4) ignorance ( མ་རིག་པ, avidyA); 

(5) doubt (the tshom, vicikitsA); 

(6) afflicted view (lta ba nyon mongs can, kliSTa-dRSTi).


1. ལྟ་བར་བྱའོ

2. ཕུ་ཐག་ཆོད་པའི་ལྟ

3. ལྟ་སྨོས་ཀྱང་ཅི་དགོས


1. should/will view; 

2. unerring view; 

3. what is the need to consider [literally, "though looked into, what is the use/need"]


darzin. prekSA. saMdarzana. /paz:pazyati


philosophical view.  ཀློང་ཆེན་པ 9.22, 10.9.


belief, opinionatedness mibp 74, look (-, for, into, at), observe, scan, gaze, watch, examine, opinion, view, understanding, ideology, (biased, proper way of, philosophical, act of) looking, seeing, vision, direct vision, perspective, point of view, search for, view mentally, consider, investigate, doctrine, theory, philosophical system, school, theory, 1 of lam yan lag brgyad, conceited, way of seeing, point of view, intuitive comprehension of one's real nature, outlook, self-observation, philosophical outlook, to direct one's gaze, to be seen as, to perceive


1) (Tha dad pa bltas pa, blta ba, ltos,; 1) view w the eyes; 

2) analyze, ཞིབ་འཇུག་བྱེད་པ; 

3) have concern for, preserve, cherish; 

4) the way 

1 wants; 

2) self-concern/ regard.; 

3) [dharma] view, philosophy, doctrine; 

4) belief


view; to view/ regard/ watch/ attend to/ observe/ consider; to be directed (toward); biased views; opinionatedness; isc. point of view; to look (at); isc. to believe in; isc. to hold a (point of) view [pejorative sense]


1) [philosophical] view, orientation, point of view, philosophical position [wrong view / opinion, belief, heresy, speculative theory, ideology], theory, position, stand point, outlook, attitude, perspective, doctrine, opinionatedness. dogma, principles, ideology, teaching, insight, understanding. 

2) ལྟ་བ, bltas pa, blta ba, ltas} trans. v.; to pay attention to, look at, see, watch, gaze at, observe, contemplate, view/ regard/ attend to /; 

3) sight, visual faculty, view, way of seeing; view; [one of the {'phags lam gyi yan lag brgyad} eightfold noble path; 

4) belief, [as one of the six root disturbances]. one of the {'phags lam gyi yan lag brgyad} the eightfold noble path. View. 

A particular understanding and orientation based on studies of philosophy. In the context of Mahamudra and Trekchö, the view refers to the state of 'ordinary mind' or 'self-existing wakefulness' free from any concept, even of philosophical insight. belief, view [thd]. view; def: {drishta'i sgra las grangs na lta ba zhes bya ste, gzal bya'i yul gang la shes rab kyis sgro 'dogs bcad nas mtha' gcig tu nges par 'dzin pa'i blo'o}. [Mipham Rinpoche]. gaze upon {lta ba la chags te} became so engrossed in gazing upon. view, orientation, perspective. adjusted, gave attention to. la mi lta bar - without regard for