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ནམ་ཞིགརེས་འཇོག་མེད་པཅིག་ཅར་དུ རྟེན་འབྲེལམི་བསླུར་ཐོང་བཙམ་ཉིདནས ངེས་ཤེསཡུལགྱིའཛིན་སྟངསཀུནཞིག དེ་ཚེལྟ་བི་དཔྱད་པརྫོགས་པལགས

[ZR] If [these two realizations] are happening simultaneously without alternation,
And from merely seeing dependent relation as completely unbetraying
The definite ascertainment comes that completely destroys
The way in which all objects are grasped [as truly existent],
At that time the analysis of the ultimate view is complete. 

[AP] Yet when they arise at once, not each in turn but both together,

Then through merely seeing unfailing dependent origination

Certainty is born, and all modes of misapprehension fall apart—

That is when discernment of the view has reached perfection.

[GW] When these two realisations are simultaneous and concurrent,  

From a mere sight of infallible dependent origination
Comes certain knowledge that completely destroys all modes of mental grasping.
At that time the analysis of the profound view is complete. 

[US] When without alternation, simultaneously,

At the moment of seeing the unfailing Conditioned Co-production

One destroys all fixed ideas and conceptual forms,

Then is the investigation of views complete.

[RT] But, when they are simultaneous without alternation, 

The mere sight of inevitable relativity

Becomes sure knowledge rid of objective habit-patterns,

And the investigation of authentic view is complete.