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ཡུན་རིངའགྲོགས་པི་མཛའ་བཤེསསོ་སོར་འབྲལ། །འབད་པས་སྒྲུབ་པི་ནོར་རྫསཤུལ་དུ་ལུས། །ལུསཀྱིམགྲོན་ཁངརྣམ་ཤེསམགྲོན་པོབོར། །ཚེ་འདིབློས་བཏངརྒྱལ་སྲསལག་ལེནཡིན

[AP] The practice of all the bodhisattvas is to renounce this life’s concerns,

For friends and relatives, long acquainted, must all go their separate ways;

Wealth and prized possessions, painstakingly acquired, must all be left behind;

And consciousness, the guest who lodges in the body, must in time depart.

[KM] You will separate from long-time friends and relatives;

You will leave behind the wealth you worked to build up;

The guest, your consciousness, will move from the inn, your body.

Forget the conventional concerns — this is the practice of a bodhisattva.

[RS] Loved ones who have long kept company will part.

Wealth created with difficulty will be left behind.

Consciousness, the guest, will leave the guesthouse of the body.

Let go of this life—This is the practice of Bodhisattvas.

[AB] A bodhisattva’s practice is to give up being concerned totally with this lifetime, 

in which friends and  relations a long time together must part their own ways; 

wealth and possessions gathered with effort must be left behind; 

and our consciousness, the guest, must depart from our bodies, its guest house.