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རང་གིའཁྲུལ་པརང་གིསམ་བརྟག། །ཆོས་པི་གཟུགསཀྱིསཆོས་མིནབྱེདསྲིད་པ། །དེ་ཕྱིརརྒྱུན་དུརང་གིའཁྲུལ་པ། །བརྟགས་ནསསྤོང་བརྒྱལ་སྲསལག་ལེནཡིན། 

[AP] The practice of all the bodhisattvas is to scrutinize oneself

Continually and to rid oneself of faults whenever they appear.

For unless one checks carefully to find one’s own confusion,

One might appear to be practising Dharma, but act against it.

[KM] If you don’t go into your own confusion,

You may just be a materialist in practitioner’s clothing.

Constantly go into your own confusion

And put an end to it — this is the practice of a bodhisattva.

[RS] If you don’t examine your own errors,

You may look like a practitioner but not act as one.

Therefore, always examining your own errors,

Rid yourself of them—This is the practice of Bodhisattvas.

[AB] A bodhisattva’s practice is continually to examine our self-deception and then rid ourselves of it, 

because, if we do not examine our self-deception ourselves, it’s possible that with a Dharmic (external) form we can commit something non-Dharmic.