nature; condition; state; sphere


taste; character; disposition; essence; internal; inside; within; inner


{LCh}nisarga; {LCh,MSA}rasa; {L}AdhyAtma


[643] 1 ... .1) rgyud dam gshis ka/ ... don chen bsgrub pa la ngang ring dgos/ ... ngang rgyud 'jam na kun gyis brtsi/ ... 2) rang bzhin nam tshul/ ... stong nyid kyi ngang du gnas/ ... dga' ba'i ngang nas glu len/ ... 3) rang shugs sam 'bad med lhun grub/ ... sbyang brtson byas na yon tan ngang gis 'phel/ ... 2. da lta ba ston pa'i sgra/ ... phran slob sbyong byed ngang du mchis/ ...


continuing state, continuation, continuity. The action of the preceding verb (in the Tibetan!) continues while the action of the following verb is occuring. No exact Sanskrit equivalent, but sometimes used to render rasa, aesthetic experience, prevailing mood (of a work of art), sap, juice.


realm, continuum, sphere, reach and range, mood, atmosphere, setting, state, ongoing state, ongoingness, dimension, condition, dynamic reach and range (not a fixed expanse but an utter openness which grants itself; ཆོས་སྐུ is ngang, ལོངས་སྐུ is རོལ་པ་ཆེ, སྤྲུལ་སྐུ is སེམས་ཉིད), nature, being, idiosyncracy, very essence of anything, province, domain, character, disposition, essential condition, state, the condition of


1) རྒྱུད, nature Don chen bsgrub pa la ngang ring dgos, .Ngang rgyud 'jam na kun gyis brtsi; 2) in the nature, manner, state of, within, -ly; 3) naturally, spontaneously w/o effort 2. present showing word .Phran slob sbyong byed ngang du mchis 1 continuity, continuum, continuous state, ongoing state, dimension, condition, state, realm {rgyings} {krong} nature, the very nature, within, while {ngang nas}, {ngang la}, {ngang du} temperament, {ngang rgyad} swan, {ngang pa} space, vastness, realm, spacious,, impermanent thing, entity, matter, material, substance, substantiality, property, materials, things, objects, goods, articles, subject, category Ii] bhava, [the 8th year, male wood dog]


. . . (gi) ngang (la) skyong/ bskyang ba - to maintain (the) continuity (of . . . ). scope (for rig pa'i ngang, "scope of awareness"); (true) state/ context; fundamental nature/ state; isc. continuity; isc. embrace; isc. natural state; isc. while . . . ; is(vf)c. quality. {ngang tshul} sphere/ context; fundamental nature/ state of affairs/ process; situation; isc. ramification; isc. the fact that . . .


1) continuity, continuum, continuous state, ongoing state, dimension, condition, state, nature, the very nature. 2) sphere, space, vastness, realm, spacious, expanse. Syn {ཀློང}, {དབྱིངས}. 3) nominal adverbializer: "in the manner of", "in the state of". 4) {rang gi ngang}. 5) goose, swan. Syn {ngang pa}. 6) within, while; situation. Syn {ngang nas}, {ngang la}, {ngang du} ¦ {de'i ngang du}, within that; ¦ {stong pa'i ngang las} from within emptiness. 7) temperament Syn {ངང་ཚུལ} {ngang rgyud}, disposition, nature, character; idiocrasy. 8) Abbr. of {ngang gis}