abide; dwell; source; state; situation; remain; last; stay; place; abode; topic; object; retention




{C}abide in the world; home; at home; supported; settled; established; becomes; stands; takes place; occurs; comes about; realm; stately house; world (e.g.: sva-*; his respective world); residence; male organ; place of rest; room; track; an entity which corresponds to; meaning of a word; what is meant by a word; footing; word; verse; trace; foot; verbal expression; support; refuge; who resides; supported; in dependence on; leans on; based on; inhabiting; dwell on in mind; establishment; established; stood firm; stand; standing; abiding; steadfast; established remains; continuous; stability; firm position; proceeds; becomes; remains; is definitely established; enter; settle; assemble; foundation; basis; inhabit; occupy; dearly love; locus; viewpoint; condition; subsistence; stand still; take one's stand; to hang on to; settling place; living in; hope


sthAna. sthita. nizraya. bhuvana. layana. adhiSThAna. Azraya. Ayatana. vihAra. vyavasthita


{MV}*; {MSA}vyavastha; {C,MV}pratisthA; {MV}sthA; {MSA}sthAtR; {MV}sthAnIya; {C}saMtiSThate; {C,MSA}* {C}(=*); {C,MV,L}sthiti; {C}avatiSThate; {C}tiSThantu; {C,MSA,MV}pratiSThita {C}(=sthita); {C}sthihate (=tiSThati); {C,MV}*; {MV}*; (ava _/sthA): {MSA}avatiSThate; {MV}avasthA; {MSA}AtiSThati; {MSA}vyavasthiti; {LCh,MSA,C}pada; padArtha{C}; padu{C}; niketa{C}; bhavati{C}; *{C,MSA}; {C}*; {C,MSA}*; {C}nizrita; {C,MSA,MV}*; {C}Azrita; {MV}sannizraya; {C}saMniveza; {MSA}saMniviSTa; {C}vartate; {C}AdhAra; {C}adhyAvasati; {C}Alaya; {C}AzA; {MSA}anvaya; {MSA}*; {MSA}*; {MSA}(vi _/hR): vihRtya; {C}mehanatva; {C}*; {C}lena (=layanam)


[1542] ... 

1) ཡུལཁམས/ ...  ས་གནས/ ... གོ་གནས/ ...  མཆོད་གནས/ ... སྐྱབས་གནས/ ... གྲོང་ཁྱེརཆགས་པི་གནས/ ... 

2) སྡོད་ས / ...  རྒྱལ་པོི་གནས/ ... ཁྱིམ་པི་གནས/ ... 

3) dgon sde sogs sku gsung thugs rten yod sa/ ... 

4) thags khri'i yan lag cig ... 

5) yul/ ... gad mo'i gnas/ ... ngo tsha ba'i gnas/ ... dogs pa'i gnas/ ... 

6) bla ma'am slob dpon/ ... gnas kyi slob ma/ ... 

7) gcig bcu brgya stong khri sogs kyi grangs gnas/ ... bgod byed mtha' dbus thig le ni/ rang gnas 'dzin las bgod nus med/ ... gnas mi mtshungs na bsre mi rigs/ ... 

8) skar ma chu tshod nas cha shas bar gyi gnas rnams/ ... skar gnas/ ... dbyu gu'i gnas/ ... de nyid gnas drug tshar lnga bkod/ ... cha shas mang nyung dang gnas la nges pa med/ ...


kSetra. gata. nivAsa. nilaya. niSadana. pratizraya. pratiSThApayitavya. pratiSThA. saMnivasata. saMnizraya. samavadhAna. adhivAsa. vAsa. vihAratA


Part of a loom, illus. in Yisun. abode, physical state or situation, condition. Holy Place.


situation, stabilization, one's status, locale, sacred lands, site, home, abode, be at peace with, location, duration, stay, presence, place, chapter, keep, static, center of teaching, inherence, section, maintenance, (indicates some temporary stableness), abiding, come to rest, sacred ground, state, spot, locality, spot, piece of ground, swelling place, temporary lodging, holy place, place of pilgrimage, monastery, clerical dignity, religious personage, object, heading, point, division, sphere, province, 1 of gnas pa dgu, seat, repository, environments, dwelling place, remain, to dwell in, abide in, dwells in


1) place [of]; 

2) location, site, land; 

3) holy place where there are sku gsung thugs rten, sacred place/ ground, place of pilgrimage/ power; 

4) part of a clothing rack; 

5) object of [joke] 

(6) lama, master {gnas kyi slob ma

(7) number 

(8) star gnas: chu tshod nas cha shas bar gyi gnas rnams, Dbyu gu'i gnas (9) exist[ence], be [present, subsist[ence 

(10) abide [in] (11) stay, remain, endure, duration 

(12) [come to] rest [on] 

(13) dwell, reside, live 

(14) abode, domain, realm 

(15) situation, [abiding] state 

(16) subject, topic, chapter, section, point [as in the 10.. of the Treasury of all- pervading knowledge] 

(17) be still, stillness, tranquility

(18) stability, stable abiding 

(19) basis, object, 

(20) state of being 

(21) lifetime 

(22) establishing oneself 

(23) adherence 

(24) standpoint 

(25) subside 

(26) be placed 

(27) living on  གནས =  ཡུལ=  ཤེས་རྒྱུ=  གཞི  sgor mo gnyis gnas kyi yod: costs $2. 

1) place [of]; 

2) location, site, land; 

3) holy /sacred place/ ground, place of pilgrimage/ power; 

4) part of a clothing rack; 

5) basis, object [of a joke]; 

6) lama, master གནས་ཀྱི་སློབ་མ; 

7) number; 

8) star gnas: chu tshod nas cha shas bar gyi gnas rnams, Dbyu gu'i gnas; 9) exist[ence], be [present, subsist[ence; 

10) abide [in]; 

11) stay, remain, endure, duration; 

12) [come to] rest [on]; 

13) dwell, reside, live; 

14) abode, domain, realm; 

15) situation, [abiding] state; 

16) subject, topic, chapter, section, point; 

17) be still, stillness, tranquility; 

18) stability, stable abiding

(19 state of being 

(20 lifetime 

(21 establishing oneself 

(22 adherence 

(23 standpoint 

(24 subside 

(25 be placed 

(26 living on * (27 cost [R]


location; environment; state (of rebirth); (holy) site/ place; topic/ fact; isc. source/ worthy object (of); isc. opportunity/ context; isc. basis/ arena


1) place, realm, site, abiding, domain, land, location, abode, environment, locale; 

2) to exist, to be, live, stay, establish oneself, come to rest, rest, reside, live on, remain, be, exist, be present, abide, subsist, endure, rest on, stay, subside, be placed, dwell, be still, come to rest, be founded. 

3) sacred ground, holy place, place of pilgrimage, power place, sacred / holy place / ground, holy site. 

4) stillness, place of rest, stability, stable abiding, tranquility. 

5) point, topic, subject, section, object, chapter, point, ground, basis, standpoint, act. 

6) ground, state of being, existence, subsistence, abiding, situation, lifetime, state, state (of rebirth). གནས, ཡུལ, ཤེས་རྒྱུ, གཞི are all synonyms and mean basis. dwellings. live; x {btsun mo stong phrag drug cu dang bcas gnas so} lived with sixty thousand wives