[1536] ... 1) ལུསཀྱིསྲོག་རྩ...

 2) གལ་ཆེརྩ་བཐུག ... གནད་དུ་ཕོག་པ ...




difficult point. In medicine, 'vital juncture' of the body which may be easily injured. ཀློང་ཆེན་པ 9.5, 9.6. ལུས་གནདགསུམ. Stein. See the long discussion of the 107 * of Ayurveda in Hartzell, Dissert. 626 ff.


(main, key, essential, crucial) point, practice, essence, the most important decisive thing, the very nature, pith, heart, quintessence, technique, essential, way, the point is, fundamental points, specific points, methods, crucial importance, main point, main points, key point, key points, method, pith-instruction


1) marma: body life nadi; 

2) important/ fundamental / key/ main/ critical point; 

3) pith; 

4) significance importance, essence, technique; 

5) secret [point]; 5) essence 

(6) posture 

(7) cost)/ ['di ga tshod gnad gi 'dug: how much does this cost?]. 

1) marma: body life nadi; 2) important/ fundamental / key/ main/ critical point; 3) pith; 4) significance importance, essence, technique; 5) secret [point]; 5) essence; 6) posture; 7) cost


key/ crucial point; the very heart of . . . ; isc. (when ending a line of verse or a sentence) it is crucial to . . .


1) pith, secret, essence, posture; key point, crucial point; the very heart of, essential point. main point, significance, importance, essence, technique, essential point, secret point, main point, crucial point, vital point, critical point, 

2) vital organs. 

3) crucial, essential, key, vital. crucial point, key point [thd]