autononous; own power; own continuum




[2645] 1) rang gi sems rgyud dam bsam blo/ ... rang rgyud thul ba/ ... slob sbyong la 'bad pa'i sgo nas rang rgyud legs bcos byed pa/ ... 

2) rang rang gi bu rgyud dam rigs rgyud/ ...


Thurman (p. 104) argues for his translation "dogmaticist privacy." It has more general meanings of one's own customary outlook. gang la yang rang rgyud du ma bzung na las sog myi nus pa lags sam zhus pas. Zhi-byed Coll. II 296.5. rang rgyud pa gang la yang myed pa'i brda' ru / dngos po re re la mying du ma 'dogs / rang rgyud du bzung na 'khrul pa yin pa'i brda' ru / spyod lam la nges pa myed. Zhi-byed Coll. II 114.4.


individual human being, his own being, one's own character, being, self-reliant, individual temperament, independence, ourselves, independent existence, independent, one's own mind-stream, stream of consciousness, one's own condition


1) my/ your/ 1's being/ continuum/ thought, stream of existence, stream of being, a self-nature, ego, your own mind; 

2) self constituted, autonomous, autonomy; 

3) an independent argument, dogmaticism, privacy, logical; 

4) 1's family lineage


their minds; 

x རང་རྒྱུདལོག་ལྟས་བསླད་པ their minds are so influenced by those mistaken beliefs. x {rang rgyud la zhib tu brtags nas} examine your mind minutely. own continuum / autonomous. the Autonomy. Autonomy [thd]. 

1) my being, your being, one's being, stream of existence, stream of being, a self-nature, ego, your own mind. 

2) རང་རྒྱུད་དུལ་བ tamed beings. 

3) self constituted, own continuum / autonomous, autonomy. 

4) an independent argument, dogmaticism, privacy, logical; character/ temperament; one's own mind stream. your mind; x {rang rgyud chud zos su 'gyur} this will spoil your mind

KHS: one's mindstream