the altruistic aspiration to enlightenment; mind of enlightenment{N}; thought of enlightenment; altruistic intention to become a Buddha{N}; mind of enlightenment; altruistic mind of enlightenment; altruistic intention to become enlightened




[1869] dmigs pa gzhan don la dmigs nas rnam pa rdzogs byang thob 'dod kyi 'dun pa las byung zhing theg chen lam gyi gzhung shing du gyur pa'i yid kyi rnam rig khyad par can/ de la dbye na smon sems dang 'jug sems gnyis/ ...


Still don't know who {N} is. Napper, maybe. Should I add definition from don bdun bcu? {T}


SA བྱང་ཆུབ་སེམས, altruistic aspiration to enlightenment, awakening mind, bodhicitta


bodhisattva, bodhicitta [enlightened mind, awakened mind, bodh imind, enlightened attitude, turning the mind towards enlightenment, the bodhi-mind]. 1) bodhicitta, mind/ will/ thought of enlightenment, bodhi; 

2) awakening mind, awakened heart; 

3) sexual energies/ enlightened mind [tantric context) with the object of benefit for others wanting to attain complete enlightenment as the main support of mahayana as the mind's specil rnam rig having two divisions of aspiring and entering smon sems dang 'jug sems


bodhichitta; (in mahayana contexts) awakening mind/ attitude; (in Dzogchen context) awakened/ enlightened mind; isc. semen/ bindu/ concentrated subtle energy


mind of enlightenment, mind set upon enlightenment [thd]. awakening mind; bodhichitta, mind of enlightenment, will to enlightenment, thought of enlightenment, bodhimind, awakened heart, mind of enlightenment, enlightened mind, attitude, mind, thought of enlightenment, enlightening spirit, sexual energies in a tantric context, altruistic aspiration to enlightenment. Bodhichitta, enlightened mind, the Thought of Enlightenment, [bodhichitta], enlightening attitude/ bodhichitta, mind of enlightenment. bodhichitta - awakened mind, bodhichitta, bodhimind, awakened heart, mind, en lightened mind, attitude, mind, thought of enlightenment