(1) unreasonable; not reasonable; not definite{LG}(2) race (of humans)




[2080] 1) lo rgyus thog nas chags pa zhig dang spyi tshogs 'phel rgyas kyi dus rim mi 'dra bar gnas pa'i mi sna tshogs kyi thun mong tshogs pa zhig yin/ ... 2) bye brag thun mong gi skad yig dang/ thun mong gi sa khongs/ thun mong gi dpal 'byor 'tsho ba/ thun mong gi rig gnas thog nas mtshon pa'i thun mong gi bsam tshul bcas ldan pa'i mi rnams kyi thun mong gi tshoD par zer/ ... mi rigs kyi chas gos/ ... mi rigs kyi lar rgya/ ... mi rigs kyi gnya' gnon/ ...


nationality, race, humanity, human kind, race of man, human race, mankind, it is not right, 1 of rigs gsum, nationality, ethnic group, race, unreasonable


nationality, class/ caste/ race of humans, ethnic group ; 

1) groups of people living at different places w common features of historical origin, social development etc; 

2) group of people w common language, land, livelihood, rig gnas thog nas and way of thinking; 

3) inappropriate, illogical, inadmissible)


མི་རིགས་པ unacceptable/ irrational/ illogical/ unreasonable; does not apply


1) human races 

2) it is not logical. 1) nationality, class / caste / race of humans / human beings. 

3) inappropriate, illogical, inadmissible; improper; wrong, improper

མི རིགས