clear; bright; light; predicate [misspelling of bsal?]{BJ}


{C}splendid illumination


{LCh}vyakta; {LCh}sphuTa; {C}obhAsa (=avabhAsa)


clarity, transparency, luminosity, lucidity, irradiance, lucency, illumination, effulgence, clear, luminous absorption, luminescence luminous, appear, consonants, visualize, resplendent, separate, distinct, expressed, pale, in verbal constructions, to manifest, will manifest, shone, manifests as, shine forth, shines, clear


1) brilliant,[-iance], bright[ness], dazzling, luminous [-osity], lucent, radiant [-ce], clear, clarity [- ification], awake, know[ing], manifest [light], lucid[ity], vivid[ness], precision, sharpness, directness, distinct[ness], energy, dynamic potential, elucidation, explanation, wakefulness, cognize [-izance, understand, be aware/ cognizant/ wakeful/ awake/ conscious/ vividly present/ apparent/ seen clearly/ reflected, understand, appear [in the form of/ here], show [itself], become visible/ clear, banish, clear away, remove, visualize [comp bsal po], according to, as was said


illuminating, able to clarify [meaning for others]. express; look under noun / adj. / verb. 1) adj. bright, brilliant, dazzling, luminous, clear, lucid, lucent, radiant, distinct. 

2) noun. light, luminosity, brilliance, lucidity, luculence, vividness, precision, sharpness, directness, radiance, distinctness, brightness, clarity. 

3) verb. to cognize, know, understand, to be aware, cognizant, knowing, wakeful, awake, conscious. Syn ཧ་གོ་བ

4) to appear, show [itself], manifest, appearing [in the form of.] {'di gsal mdzod} appear here, vividly present, apparent {da lha nyid du gsal ba} apparent at this very moment. 

5) energy, dynamic potential. 

6) banish, clear away, remove, རབ་གསལto banish the dark ignorance. 

7) elucidation, explanation, clarification, confirm དོནགསལconfirm the meaning. 

8) are seen clearly, show. 

9) visualize {gsal btab / 'debs / gdab} 

10) wakefulness, cognizance. 

11) to shine, illumine; luminosity, clarity; visualize; manifest. gzhan du gsal ba - is told elsewhere. envision