to observe{D2}; apprehend; be aware of; object of observation (= དམིགས་པ)


{C}make into an object; come (to); go to; be overpowered; approach; take to; undergo; with negative: remain unaware; apprehension; can be apprehended in actual reality; gain; get to/at; seize on; basic; basic fact; basis of apprehension; apprehension as basic fact; taking as a basis; speaks meaningfully of; communicates; makes known; conceived


དམིགས དམིགས དམིགས དམིགས


{C}Alambati; {C}Alambate; (upa _/labh): {MSA}upalabhate; {C}upalabdhi; {C}upalambha; {C}labhati; {C}upagacchati; {MV}Alambana; {MSA}upapadyate (=upalabhyate); {C}prajJApayati


intention of the mind, see, visible, visualization, imagination, frame of mind, mind on one point, consciousness, idea, attainment, perception, acceptance, concentrating steadfastly, concepts, fixation, visualize


object[ive], support, aim, purpose, project, [object/ support of] perception/ conception/ meditation/ imagination/ mind/ observation/ attention, visualize [- ation], attention, thought, idea, notion, concept[ion][of/ as], contemplate [-ation], focus [on/ of], [be] aim[ed] at/ meant for/ fixated on/ directed to, imagine [-ation], hold[ing] in mind, grasp mentally, conceive of/ as, direct attention to[wards], have a thought of/ notion about, observe, belonging to, consider to be


1) object, support, focus, aim, purpose, objective, mental support, the thing observed, mental object, object of perception, conception, meditation, visualization, [imagination], attention, [thought, idea, notion], concept, conception, contemplation. 

2) to focus [on], aim [at, for], imagine, visualize, hold, grasp mentally, conceive, direct one's attention towards, hold, have a thought of, notion about, see, observe, project, contemplate, fixate on, directed for, meant for, belonging to; imagine