[1360] ... 1) sems can la gnod 'tshe dang dge ba la bar chad byed mkhan/ 'dod lha rigs drug gi nang gses shig ... bdud kyis brlams pa/ ... bdud stobs thams cad las rnam par rgyal ba/ ... bdud phyir rgol ba/ ... bdud kyis mi bskyod pa/ ... 

2) (mngon) bdud la lha'i bu dang/ nyon mongs pa/ 'chi bdag phung po bcas bzhi yod pas grangs bzhi mtshon/ ...


mara, demons, lord of limitations, devil, fiend, monster, ogre, satan, wizard, (personification of forces which obstruct realization), evil one, chief devil, antagonist of religion, personified evil principle, 4 types (phung po'i bdud, nyon mongs pa'i bdud, 'chi bdag gi bdud, lha'i bu'i bdud), 4 more types (thogs bcas kyi bdud, thogs med kyi bdud, dga' spro yi bdud, snyems byed kyi bdud), SA gcod lugs bdud bzhi, 1 of sde brgyad, class of semi-divine beings aboriginal to the ancient Tibetan tradition and later assimilated to the Indian Mara after the introduction of Buddhism; hindrance to spiritual realization which is the characteristic activity of the class of bdud, demons


Mara[s] [1) being who harms sentient beings and opposes what is virtuous ad wholesome [one of six kinds of gods of the desire realm {'dod lha rigs drug}; 

2) evil/ obstruction, demon, evil, fiend, monster, evil people; 3) four [from the four maras]. Mara[s]; 2) evil/ obstruction, demon, evil, fiend, monster, evil people; 3) four


mara/ deadening influence/ negative influence


demon [thd]. demonic forces; Mara, demon, [mara]; Mara, demon; evil, obstruction; fiendish; demonic forces. monster, evil. deadening influence; ex. {bdud 'dul} tamer of Mara. Mara. * or demonic influence that creates obstacles for practice and enlightenment. Mythologically said be a powerful god who dwells in the highest abode in the Realm of Desire; the master of illusion who attempted to prevent the Buddha from attaining enlightenment at Bodhgaya. For the Dharma practitioner, Mara symbolizes one's own ego-clinging and preoccupation with the eight worldly concerns. Generally, there are four maras or obstructions to practice of the Dharma: those of defilements, death and the aggregates, and the godly mara of seduction. Sometimes the four maras are mentioned by name; Lord of Death, Godly Son, Klesha and Skandha