progress; get along; advance; proceed; travel; go; traverse; vehicle


bgrod/ bgrod/ bgrod/ 'grod/ bgrod/ bgrod/




[470] bgrad pa'i skul tshig @471


progress, gait, going, to tread


1) solar transit [N S movement of sun w seasons]; 

2) tha mi dad pa),, go, travel; 

3) have intercourse (4)path, road; 

4) measure how far something has gone; 

5) journey (6) gait, walk, tread (7) pass, get through, cross, traverse). 1) solar transit; 2) tha mi dad pa,, go, travel; 3) have intercourse; 4) path, road; 5) measure how far something has gone; 5) journey; 7) gait, walk, tread; 8) pass, get through, cross, traverse


rgyal po'i sde bgrod ma thub par lus - the king and his army could not proceed. I) 1a) n. journey, travel, gait, walk. 

1b) vb. to tread [the secret path], go, pass, get through, cross, journey, traverse; travel to, reach. 

2) va. to have intercourse; imp. of {bgrad pa}. II) va. to go, pass, get through, cross. ¦ {ri mthon po dang chu chen po thang yangs po bcas bgrod dgos yod} One has to cross high mountains, large rivers, and wide plains. ¦ {dka' ngal mang po la bgrod nas yong ba red} Passing through many difficulties, [they] came here. ¦ {lha khang do sbrang khang bgrod nas yod} The temple is past the post office. conferred