continuative particle indicating there is more to come in the sentence; sometimes setting off appositives and usually indicating there is another clause to the sentence


[1030] ming mtha' na ra la sa dang da drag can gyi rjes su sbyor ba'i lhag bcas kyi sgra'i phrad cig ... na ra la ... da ... de'ang sems can yin te nya yin pa'i phyir/ ... bka' 'gyur te sangs rgyas kyi gsung rab rgya gar skad nas skad rigs gzhan du bsgyur nas 'gyur ba rnams so/ @1031 thag ring du bskyal te bzhag ... ras cha dras te gyon pa 'tshem/ ...


? te phyir thon la 'ong phugs su chug. Zhi-byed Coll. II 255.1. Perhaps see under gte (or ste).


(stop letter) (affix denoting the gerund, finite tense when followed by 'dug or yod, continuative particle), number 99, gerundive connective


= {ste} * so that, thus. [after na ra la sa and da drag can particle showing more to come] so that, thus [genundive after NA RA LA SA


te/ ste/ de - [colon or m-dash]; [can imply] " . . . ; rather, . . . "


when, after, as, etc./ makes a gerund; when. Syn {ste} [after n, r, l, s] so that, thus