This describes how the pages are constructed. The main tool is the VoodooPad application (works with MacOSX only). The Tibetan unicode and translation is inserted to a specific page. After this the sentences are translated from Tibetan using the excellent THL Tibetan to English Translation Tool available online. If possible a second source -- if available -- is consulted. The sentence structure is kept on the highest possible level so that whole constructs are hyperlinked rather than smaller words. In many cases the bigger structures are then broken down into smaller words on the actual dictionary page. The ongoing work is to add all the Mahāvyutpatti dictionary entries into the Tibetan word/definition pages.

As more pages are added, the existing translated terms and words will show up in the new texts. Note that due to the nature of hyperlinking, some links are incomplete due to grammar rules and incomplete words, but over time those will be fixed as new entries are added.