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རང་གི་དོནཞེནདགྲ་བོསབུ་ག་པ་དང་འདྲ། འཕྲལདགའ་དགའབྱེདཀྱང༌། ཕུགས་སུརང་ལགནོད་པསྐྱེལངེས། དེས་ནརང་དོནཞེནནའངའཕྲལ་བདེཡངཕུགས་སུངན་སོངདུའགྲོའོ། 

Attachment to your own self-interest is like nurturing the child of an enemy. It may bring joy at first, but in the end only leads to ruin. Just so, attachment to your own welfare brings happiness in the short term, but eventually leads you to the lower realms.