Longchen Rabjam - Knowledge Is As Infinite As Stars

Introduction to the Middle Way, I, 2

ཤེས་བྱནམ་མཁའི་གཟའ་སྐརའདྲ། ། 

བསླབ་དགོསགནསཟད་པམེད། ། 

ད་རེསཆོས་སྐུའི་སྙིང་པོའི་དོན། ། 

འགྱུར་མེདབཙན་སབཟུངལེགས། ། 

Knowledge is as infinite as the stars in the sky;

There is no end to all the subjects one could study.

It is better to grasp straight away their very essence—

The unchanging fortress of the dharmakaya.