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གཉིས་པརྗེས་ཐོབཏུསྣང་སྟོངསྒྱུ་མ་ལྟ་བུརདྲན་པནིསྣང་བ་སྣ་ཚོགསཚོགས་དྲུགགིབཞི་མདོ། །གཞི་རྩབྲལ་བི་གཉིས་ཆོསཀྱིཟ་ཟིམཐོང་། །བསླུ་བྲིདསྒྱུ་མའི་ལྟད་མོཞིགདེ་ནགདའ། །བདེན་ནོསྙམསྟོང་ཉིདཀྱིངོ་བོལྟོས། །རང་སེམསརྒྱ་ཡན་དུའཇོགསྣང་སྟོངགིངང་དུཞོགདྲན་པབརྗེད་མེདདུ་་བྱས་ནསསྣང་སྟོངགིངང་དུཟུངས།།

[ZR] At the crossroads of various appearances and the six collections (consciousnesses)

Are seen very messy dual phenomena, which have no base at all.

There is the scenery of deceiving illusion.

Not believing it to be true, look at the very essence of emptiness only (tong pa nyi).

Not letting your mind stray, place your mind being in appearance and emptiness.

Without forgetting remembrance, hold your mind being in the state of appearance and emptiness.

[GDD] At the crossroads of the six collections (of consciousness) which have diverse perceptions,

Are seen the hazy dualistic phenomena which are baseless.

There is a magical show which is by nature deceptive.

Don’t believe it to be true, but view it as having the nature of emptiness.

Don’t let your mind go astray, but place it in the nature of appearance-emptiness.

Through not losing mindfulness, hold it in the nature of appearance-emptiness.