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དྲན་པགསུམ་པརང་ལུསལྷ་སྐུདྲན་པནིསྐྱིདདུཚོར་བབདེ་ཆེནགྱིགཞལ་ཡས། །ཕུང་ཁམསདག་པརང་ལུསཀྱིལྷ་སྐུབཞུགས། །སྐུ་གསུམ་དབྱེར་མེདཡི་དམཞིགདེ་ནགདའ། །ཕལབར་མའཛིནང་རྒྱལདངགསལ་སྣངསྦྱོངས། །རང་སེམསརྒྱ་ཡན་དུའཇོགཟབ་གསལགྱིངང་དུཞོགདྲན་པབརྗེད་མེདདུ་བནསཟབ་གསལགྱིངང་དུཟུངས།།

[ZR] In the unimaginable celestial mansion of great bliss

Abides your own body in the pure aggregates of the divine holy body.

There is a mind-seal deity of inseparable three kayas.

Not letting your mind hold yourself as ordinary, train in divine pride and clear appearance. 

Not letting your mind stray, place your mind being in the nature of profundity and clarity. 

With unforgetting remembrance, hold your mind being in profundity and clarity.

[GDD] In the celestial mansion of great bliss, joyous to sustain,

There exists the divine form of your body which is a purified state of the aggregates.

There is a deity in the nature of union of the three divine bodies.

Don’t view it as ordinary, but train in divine dignity and immaculate appearance.

Don’t let your mind go astray, but place it within profundity and clarity.

Through not losing mindfulness, hold it in an attitude of profundity and luminosity.