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དྲན་པགཉིས་པསེམས་ཅནཕ་མདྲན་པནིའཁོར་བམཐའ་མེདསྡུག་བསྔལགྱིབཙོན་རྭ་། །བདེ་བས་ཕོངས་པི་རིགས་དྲུགགིསེམས་ཅནའཁྱམས། །དྲིནགྱིསབསྐྱངས་པི་ཕ་མརྣམསདེ་ནགདའ། །ཆགས་སྡངསྤངས་ནསགཅེས་འཛིནདངསྙིང་རྗེསྒོམས། །རང་སེམསརྒྱ་ཡན་དུའཇོགསྙིང་རྗེཡིངང་དུཞོགདྲན་པབརྗེད་མེདདུ་བནསསྙིང་རྗེཡིངང་དུཟུངས།།

[ZR] In the prison of suffering of beginningless circling,

The six types of sentient beings, bereft of happiness, wander.

There are the fathers and mothers who have been kind to me.

Abandoning attachment and hatred, meditate on cherishing others and compassion. Not letting your mind stray, place your mind being in the nature of compassion. With unforgetting remembrance, hold your mind being in compassion.

[GDD] In unending samsara, the prison of suffering,

Wander the sentient beings of the six realms, bereft of happiness.

They are your parents, who reared you with affectionate kindness.

Meditate on compassion and affection by relinquishing attachment and aversion.

Don’t let your mind go astray, but place it within compassion.

Through not losing mindfulness, hold it within compassion.