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དྲན་པདང་པོབླ་མསངས་རྒྱསསུདྲན་པནིཐབས་ཤེས་ཟུང་འཇུགའགྱུར་མེདཀྱིགདནསྟེང་ན། །སྐྱབསཀུནངོ་བོདྲིནཅནགྱིབླ་མབཞུགས། །སྤངས་རྟོགསརྫོགས་པའི་སངས་རྒྱསཤིགདེ་ནགདའ། །སྐྱོནརྟོགསྤངས་ནསདག་སྣངགིསགསོལ་བ་ཐོབ། །རང་སེམསརྒྱ་ཡན་དུའཇོགམོས་གུསཀྱིངང་དུཞོག། །དྲན་པབརྗེད་མེདདུ་་བྱས་ནསམོས་གུསཀྱིངང་དུཟུངས།།

[ZR] On the seat of unchangeable unification of method and wisdom

Sits the kind guru, essence of all refuges.

There is a buddha fully purified and realized.

Abandoning the thought of mistakes, make a request with pure appearance.

Not letting your mind stray, place your mind being in the nature of devotion and respect. With unforgetting remembrance, hold your mind being in devotion and respect.

[GDD] On the unwavering cushion of the union of method and wisdom

Sits the kind Lama who is the nature of all protectors.

There is a Buddha in the state of culmination of realizations and cessations.

Beseech him in the light of admiration, through casting away critical thoughts.

Don’t let your mind go astray, but place it within admiration and reverence.

Through not losing mindfulness, hold it within admiration and reverence.