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མུ་མེདསྲིད་པརསྐྱེ་ཞིངསྐྱེ་བརུ སྡུག་བསྔལ་གསུམགྱིསརྒྱུན་ཆད་མེད་པརམནར གནས་སྐབསའདི་འདྲགྱུར་པི་མ་རྣམསཀྱི ངང་ཚུལབསམསནསསེམསམཆོགབསྐྱེད་པམཛོད

[ZR] Endlessly reborn in cyclic existence,
Ceaselessly tormented by the three sufferings –
Thinking that all mothers are in such a condition,
Generate the supreme mind of enlightenment. 

[AP] Again and yet again, they are reborn in limitless samsara,

And constantly tormented by the three forms of suffering.

This is the current condition of all your own past mothers—

Contemplate their plight and generate supreme bodhichitta.

[GW] Born and reborn in boundless samsara,
Carelessly tormented by the three miseries – 

All beings, your mothers, are in this condition.
Think of them and generate bodhi-mind.

[UR] Born in unlimited existences, and in their births

Three miseries torment them without cease:

In circumstances like this are – our mothers!

Think of their state and then generate the excellent Bodhi-mind.

[RT] Born and born again in endless life-cycles,

Uninterruptedly tormented by the three miseries - 

Such is the state of all beings, all just your mothers -

From your natural feelings, conceive the highest spirit!