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ངེས་འབྱུངདེ་ཡངརྣམ་དགསེམས་བསྐྱེདཀྱིས ཟིན་པམེད་ནབླ་མེད་བྱང་ཆུབཀྱིཕུན་ཚོགསབདེ་བའི་རྒྱུརུམི་འགྱུར་བ བློ་ལྡནརྣམསཀྱིསབྱང་ཆུབ་སེམས་མཆོགབསྐྱེད

[ZR] Even if renunciation has been developed,
If it is not possessed by the mind of enlightenment
It does not become the cause of the perfect bliss of unsurpassed enlightenment.
Therefore the wise generate the supreme mind of enlightenment

[AP] Yet if this renunciation is not embraced

By the pure motivation of bodhichitta,

It will not become a cause for the perfect bliss of unsurpassed awakening,

So the wise should generate supreme bodhichitta.

[GW] Renunciation without pure bodhi-mind

Does not bring forth the perfect bliss

Of unsurpassed enlightenment;
Therefore, Bodhisattvas generate excellent bodhi-mind.

[US] But since that withdrawal, too, unless controlled

By a pure ‘mind-generation’ does not become the cause 

Of unsurpassed Enlightenment’s consummate felicity,

Intelligent ones should generate the excellent Bodhi-mind.

[RT] Transcendence without the spirit of enlightenment (Bodhicitta)

Cannot generate the supreme bliss

Of unexcelled enlightenment - therefore,

The Bodhisattva conceives the supreme spirit of enlightenment.