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དེ་ལྟརགོམས་པའཁོར་བི་ཕུན་ཚོགསཡིད་སྨོནསྐད་ཅིག་ཙམ་ཡངམི་སྐྱེཞིང། །ཉིན་མཚནཀུན་ཏུཐར་པདོན་གཉེརབློབྱུང་ནདེ་ཚེངེས་འབྱུངསྐྱེས་པལགས

[ZR] When, by having trained in that way,
There is no arising, even for a second,
Of attraction to the perfections of cyclic existence,
And all day and night the intention seeking liberation arises –
Then the thought of renunciation has been generated.

[AP] When, through growing accustomed to thinking in this way,

Hope for the pleasures of samsara no longer arises even for an instant,

And throughout both day and night you long for liberation, 

Then, at that time, true renunciation has been born.

[GW] Contemplating this, when you do not for an instant

Wish the pleasures of samsara,
And day and night remain intent on liberation,

You have then produced renunciation. 

[US] When, by so practising, there is born not even 

For a moment desire for the Round’s well-being

And a sense of longing for Deliverance, all day and night,

Arises, then it is that withdrawal is born.

[RT] Contemplate the inexorability of evolutionary effects (karmaphala)

And the sufferings of life - over and over again - 

And you will turn off interest in future lives!

By constant meditation, your mind will not entertain

A moment's wish even for successes of life,

And you will aim for freedom all day and night - 

Then you experience transcendent renunciation!