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དལ་འབྱོར་རྙེད་དཀའཚེལོང་མེད་པཡིདགོམས་པཚེ་འདིའི་སྣངཤསལྡོག ལས་འབྲསམི་བསླུའཁོར་བའི་སྡུག་བསྔལརྣམས ཡང་ཡངབསམ་པསཕྱི་མི་སྣང་ཤསལྡོག

[ZR] Freedom and endowments are difficult to find
And life has no time to spare.
By gaining familiarity with this,
Attraction to the appearances of this life is reversed.

By thinking over and over again
That actions and their effects are unbetraying,
And repeatedly contemplating the miseries of cyclic existence,
Attraction to the appearances of future lives is reversed

[AP] The freedoms and advantages are rare, and there’s no time to waste—

Reflect on this again and yet again, and dispel attachment to this life.

To dispel attachment to your future lives, contemplate repeatedly

The unfailing effects of karma and the sufferings of samsara.

[GW] Leisure and opportunity are difficult to find.

There is no time to waste: reverse attraction to this life
Reverse attraction to future lives: think repeatedly

Of the infallible effects of karma and the miseries of this world.

[US] The fancies of this life are banished by keeping in mind

That we have no time to spare of opportunities and advantages hard to find;

The fancies of the hereafter are banished by repeatedly thinking 

Of acts and their fruits infallible, the miseries of the Round.

[RT] Leisure and opportunity are hard to get, 

And there is no time to life; keep thinking on this,

And you will turn off your interest in this life!