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གང་དགསྲིད་པའིབདེམ་ཆགསཤིང། །དལ་འབྱོརདོན་ཡོདབྱཕྱིརབརྩོན་པཡིསརྒྱལ་བ་དགྱེས་པའི་ལམཡིད་རྟོན་པི།  སྐལ་ལྡནདེ་དགདང་བའི་ཡིདཀྱིསཉོན 

[ZR] Those who are not attached to the pleasures of circling [samsara],
Who strive to make freedom and endowments meaningful,
Who entrust themselves to the path pleasing the Victorious Ones –
You fortunate ones: listen with a calm mind.

[AP] You who are unattached to samsara’s pleasures,

And strive to make full use of the freedoms and advantages,

You who follow the path delighting all the buddhas,

Fortunate ones, listen well, with a clear and open mind.

[GW] Listen with clear minds, you fortunate ones

Who direct your minds to the path pleasing to Buddha,

Who strive to make good use of leisure and opportunity

And are not attached to the joys of samsara.

[US] Those who, not adhering to the pleasures of existence

But striving to make fruitful their opportunities and advantages,

Place their trust in the Path that Buddhas delight in:

Let those blessed ones listen with open mind!

[RT] Listen with clear minds, you lucky people,

Who aspire to the path that pleases Buddhas,

Who work to give meaning to leisure and opportunity,

Who are not addicted to the pleasures of cyclic life (samsara).