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སྣང་བརྟེན་འབྲེལབསླུ་བ་མེད་པདང སྟོང་པཁས་ལེནབྲལ་བི་གོ་བགཉིས ཇི་སྲིདསོ་སོརསྣང་བདེ་སྲིད་དུད་དུངཐུབ་པའི་དགོངས་པརྟོགས་པམེད

[ZR] Appearance and dependently related are unbetraying;
Accepting that is empty, is separate from assertion.
As long as these two understandings are seen as separate
One has still not realized the intent of the Buddhas.

[AP] The knowledge that appearances arise unfailingly in dependence,

And the knowledge that they are empty and beyond all assertions—

As long as these two appear to you as separate,

There can be no realization of the Buddha’s wisdom.

[GW] Appearances are infallible dependent origination;
Voidness is free of assertions (of existence or non-existence).
As long as these two understandings are seen as separate,
One has not yet realized the intent of the Buddha.

[US] The apparent – the infallible Conditioned Co-production – 

And the Void – free of predication, the two understandings,

As long as they appear separate, for so long

Is the Sage’s thought still unrealised.

[RT]  Appearance as inevitably relative,

And emptiness as free of all assertions - 

As long as these are understood apart,

The Victor's intent is not yet known.