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དལ་འབྱོརལན་གཅིགཐོབའདི་ལ  ཕྱི་མཕན་པི་ཆོསབསྒྲུབའཚལ  མི་ཚེསྤྲིནབརཉི་མའདྲ ཅི་བྱམེད་པརཡུད་ཙམའཛད  འཆི་ཁརའགྱོདཀྱངབྱ་ཐབས་བྲལདེ་ཕྱིརམྱུར་དུབརྩོན་འགྲུསབརྩམ

Now that you have this unique opportunity, free and well-favoured,

Use it, I beg you, to practise Dharma for the benefit of future lives.

Human life is like the sun shining between the clouds:

It can be gone in a moment, with nothing accomplished.

And regret at the moment of death will be to no avail.

So practise straightaway with diligent enthusiasm.