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དེ་རྗེསཕྱི་རུམིའབྲང་བ ཁོ་རངརང་ངོབལྟས་པི་ཚེ བལྟ་བྱ་ལྟ་བྱེདགཉིས་སུ་མེད སྟོང་པཡིན་པདངོས་པོ་མེད གསལ་བཡིན་པརང་གིསརིག 

So without being swept away and following wherever it leads,

Look directly into its face, its very own essence,

At that time, there's no duality of 'looker' and 'looked at'.

As it is empty, there's no real substance.

As it is clear, it is aware of itself.