Jeffrey Hopkins' Tibetan-Sanskrit-English Dictionary



This is a work in progress in crude form that is being shared with students of the Tibetan language mainly in order to receive input for further development. The English translations of the entries represent what contributors, over a span of over forty years, determined were my current translations. Some need to be updated, and all will receive much more attention and, hence, detail. 

The Dictionary has been entered into a database with fields for the entry, Sanskrit, tenses, my English, the translation equivalents of a few others, examples, definition, divisions, and comments. At this point, very few entries contain all of these items, but the plan is provide these, where appropriate. Translations for entries that have arisen from my work and from interactions with my students are in boldface, whereas those from other scholars are in regular type on separate lines and are marked with an initial at the end of the line. A key to these markings is given below. (Please note that the radical signs for Sanskrit roots are, after the first letter of the alphabet, in a state of disarray.) 

Paul Jeffrey Hopkins Emeritus Professor of Tibetan Studies, University of Virginia President, UMA