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འོན་ཀྱངརྒྱལ་སྲསསྤྱོད་པརླབས་ཆེནརྣམས། །བློ་དམནབདག་འདྲསགཏིང་དཔག་དཀའ་བི་ཕྱིར། །འགལདངམ་འབྲེལལ་སོགསཉེས་པི་ཚོགས། །དམ་པ་རྣམསཀྱིསབཟོད་པམཛད་དུ་གསོལ། 

[AP] Still, the tremendous waves of activity of the bodhisattvas

Are difficult for simple-minded folk like me to comprehend,

And I must therefore beg the indulgence of all the perfect saints

For any contradictions, irrelevancies or other flaws this may contain.

[KM] However, because it’s hard for a person with limited intelligence like me

To fathom the depths of the great waves of the activity of bodhisattvas,

I ask the revered to tolerate

Any mistakes — contradictions, non sequiturs, and such.

[AB] Nevertheless, since it is difficult for someone dull-witted like myself to fathom the depth of the great waves of bodhisattva behavior, 

I request the hallowed ones to be patient with my mass of faults, such as contradictions, lack of connection, and the likes.