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མདོར་ནགང་དུསྤྱོད་ལམཅིབྱེདཀྱང༌། །རང་གི་སེམསཀྱིགནས་སྐབསཅི་འདྲཞེས། །རྒྱུན་དུདྲན་དང་ཤེས་བཞིནལྡན་པཡིས། །གཞན་དོནསྒྲུབ་པརྒྱལ་སྲསལག་ལེནཡིན

[AP] In short, no matter what one might be doing,

By examining always the status of one’s mind,

With continuous mindfulness and alertness,

To bring about the good of others—this is the practice of all the bodhisattvas.

[KM] In short, in everything you do,

Know what is happening in your mind.

By being constantly present and aware

You bring about what helps others — this is the practice of a bodhisattva.

[RS] In brief, whatever you are doing,

Ask yourself “What’s the state of my mind?”

With constant mindfulness and mental alertness

Accomplish others’ good—

This is the practice of Bodhisattvas.

[AB] In short, a bodhisattva’s practice is (to work) to fulfill the purposes of others by continually possessing mindfulness and alertness to know, 

no matter where or what course of behavior we’re following, how is the condition of our minds