free from elaborations{N}




[1693] mtshan mar mi 'dzin pa dang/ stong nyid dam chos nyid/ ...


[= spros pa dang bral ba] undiffusive, unexpanded (beyond its natural, appropriate place). Unfissured, unviolated (integral). Applied to upper levels of meditation, where mind stays with mind. Skt. niSprapañca, aprapañca; subject to no expansion or manifoldness. spros pa'i mtshan ma spangs pa'i chos nyid. Btsan-lha. mtshan mar mi 'dzin pa dang stong nyid dam chos nyid. Gser Sbram 113. spros dang bral ba / spros pa ni rgya che ba'i mtshan ma dang rtog pa'i don yin la / spros dang bral ba ni mtshan mar mi 'dzin pa dang / stong pa nyid dam chos nyid do. Gser Sbram 296.


nisprapanca, ineffability, beyond judgment, free from (mental proliferation, mental or verbal formulation, construction, intellectual elaboration, discursiveness, complexities), associated with mahashunya, non-conceptualization and non-verbalization, non-diffusion, non-concretization of things, undispersed spirituality, unconstructed, simplicity, unconditioned, free from extremes of elaboration, SA rnal 'byor rnam bzhi, transcend concepts, freedom from limiting constructs, free of concepts, free of conceptual elaborations, beyond conceptual limits, unformulated, non-conceptual


unconditioned, simplicity, free from (mental complexities


{spros pa dang bral ba} free of/ beyond / freedom from/ transcendence of (conceptual) elaboration(s); unembellished



1) The absence of creating mental construct or conceptual formulations about the nature of things. 

2) The second stage in the practice of Mahamudra. simplicity, freedom from/ free of (conceptual) elaborations; unembellished free of elaborations, freedom from conceptual elaboration. freedom from constructing, non-complex, simplicity, without fabrication. unconditioned. "Free from [mental] complexities / elaborations / fabrications, 

2) one of the {ཕྱག་རྒྱ་ཆེན་པོའི་རྣལ་འབྱོར་བཞི} the four yogas of Mahamudra. the second yoga of Mahamudra, "beyond playwords"; free of conceptual elaborations; free of conceptual complication; free of mental elaborations, free of elaborations, see also {spros bral rnal 'byor}. freedom from constructs, simplicity [thd]