deeds; behavior{N}; enjoy; make use of; practice; act out; perform; performance


{C}conceptual proliferation; obstacle; (futile) discoursing; multiplicity; that which displays; named things; nurse; commit to; befall; use; credits with; habitually; tending; use; experiences; inaccessible to discursive thought; activity; course; coursing; realm; food; enjoyment; good conduct; courses; walks; doings; action(s); who courses; moved by; has coursed; pilgrimage; journey; manner of acting


སྤྱད སྤྱོདསྤྱད སྤྱོད 


carya. caryA


{LCh,MSA,MV,C}*; (_/car): {MSA}carati; {C}samudAcarati; {C}samudAcArAt; {L,MV}avacara; {C}caramANa; {C}caran; {C}caraNa(m); {C,MV,MSA}carati; {C}cari; {C,MSA}(-)carita; {C}cArikA; {C,MSA}cAritra; {MSA}cAra; {MSA}cArin; {C}sevA; {C,MSA}upabhoga; {C}anubhavati; {C}prapaJca; {MSA}ceSTita; {MSA}vyAyAma; {MSA}bgo skal la spyod pa = dAyAdatA; {MSA}yang dag spyod pa = samAcAra; *


[1682] 1. ( ཐ་དད་པ) སྤྱད་པ / སྤྱད་པ / spyod// 

1) འཇུག་པབྱེད་པ/ ... bya ba ngan pa dor nas bzang po 'ba' zhig spyod pa/ ... thabs shes zung 'brel du spyod pa/ ... 

2) nyams su myong ba'am bed spyod pa/ ... 'tsho chas la longs su spyod pa/ ... bed spyod pa/ ... spyad na zad mtha' med pa/ mi dmangs kyi sa nas bsdus te mi dmangs kyi don du spyod pa/ ... 2. 1) las sam bya ba/ ... zhi ba'i spyod pa/ ... drag po'i spyod pa/ ... ya rabs kyi spyod pa/ ... spyod pa ngan pa/ ... 2) skar khyim yul la gza' rnams kyis longs su spyod pa/ ...


1. ཆགས་བྲལ་གྱི་སྤྱོད་པ

2. ཕམ་པ་བཞིཆརལ་སྤྱོད་པ་ 


1. practices devoid of desire{TGP 69};

 2. the performance of all four defeats




carya, action, behavior, practice, conduct, enactment, life and work, do, move, act, use, employ, apply, utilize, operate, live doings, way of (life, living, behaving, practicing, working), application, how to apply, the activity of, the work of, deeds, ascetic disciplines, enjoy practice, perform, accomplish, perpetrate, succeed in, bring into subjection, overpower, coerce, make use of, enjoy, complete meditation, perpetrated action, accomplishing of any action, an object attained, thing done, duty, mode, manner, treat, 1 of 10 stobs bcu, mode of behavior, to engage in, acting, conduct, to experience


1 ( ཐ་དད་པ)  སྤྱད་པ, སྤྱད་པ, སྤྱོད, 

1) engage in, do, practice,; 

2) practice, use, employ, apply; 

3) action, activity, behavior; 

4) coursing of the planets; 

5) conduct, practice, behavior, deeds lifestyle, manners; 

6) application; 

7) enjoy, experience; 

8) [en]act, accomplish, perform, commit; 

9) treat, deal w


(authentic) conduct/ behavior; to behave/ conduct (oneself); to participate in/ engage in/ appreciate; to enact (conduct)/ be involved with; to avail oneself of; to use; isc. to embrace


སྤྱོད་པ,  སྤྱད་པ,  སྤྱད་པ,  སྤྱོད trans. v.; 

1) to engage in; enjoy; behave, carry out, conduct oneself; practice, act, enact, participate in, engage in, be involved with; to use; treat, deal with, to use, employ, apply, utilize; experience, undergo, enjoy, partake of; do, enjoy, experience, accomplish, perform, commit, 

2) Skt Charya; conduct, behavior, action, activity, course, deeds,. 

3) a practitioner; 

4) application, practice, 

5) lifestyle, 

6) Syn སྤྱོད་པའི་རྒྱུདCharya. The second of the four sections of tantras according to the Sarma schools