spell; mantra; general word for tantra




[707] rdo rje theg pa'i sgrub thabs nang sgrub pa po rang gi yid kyi snang ba phal pa las skyob par byed pa dang/ yi dam 'khor bcas rnams skul bar byed pa'i yi ge'i gzungs/ ... གསང་སྔགས... རིགས་སྔགས ... དྲག་སྔགས ... ངན་སྔགས ... ཐུནགསོསསྔགསབགྲངས ... སྔགསརྒྱག་པ ...


mantra, praise, magical formula, incantation, 3 kinds (rgyu ma nor ba rtsa ba'i sngags, the seed-syllable that is the deity's euphonic essence HUM, bskyed pa rkyen gyi sngags, mantric form that is the condition of the deity's visitation (om vajra sattva hum), bzla ba las kyi sngags, karma-mantra recited repetitively to realize the deity's specific powers (100 syllable mantra)


* SK mantra, liturgy, mantrayana


mantra [glossed as ཡིདསྐྱོབ་པ =manas traya="that which guards the mind"]



1) mantra, incantation. 

2) spell, charm, magic spell. mantra, speech [thd]. mantra. 

1) A synonym for Vajrayana. 

2) A particular combination of sounds symbolizing and communicating the nature of a deity and which lead to purification and realization, for example om mani padme hung. There are chiefly three types of mantra: guhya mantra, vidya mantra and dharani mantra