sound; term; roar


{C}voice; message; sense-field; occasion for; source; voice; meaningful sound; sounds; language; vocal sounds; speech; {GD:681} verbal testimony


ghoSa. zabda. svara


{C,MSA,MV,GD}*; {MSA}*; {MSA}*; {C,MSA,MV}ruta; {C}Ayatana


[603] ... 1) rna ba'i dbang shes kyi dngos yul du gyur pa thams cad la sgra zer zhing/ dbye na ngag tshig sogs lung du ston pa'i sgra dang/ chu sgra sogs lung du mi ston pa'i sgra gnyis/ ... ki sgra/ ... me sgra/ ... chu sgra/ ... glu dbyangs kyi sgra/ ... sgra dag pa/ ... bstan bcos kyi gzhung don gang yin sgra sor bzhag byas te bshad pa/ ... ming tshig so so'i nges tshig gi sgra bshad pa/ ... bzang ngan gang bshad kyi sgra tshor ba/ ... char sprin nang nas 'brug sgra ldir ba/ ... thag ring nas skad rgyang gis bos pa'i sgra thos pa/ ... me sgyogs 'phangs pa'i sgra cher grag pa/ ... 'byung ba 'khrugs pa'i sgra dang/ mi mang 'tshogs pa'i skad sgra 'thab pa/ ... tshogs khang nang du glu gzhas dang/ rol mo'i sgra 'khor ba/ ... am cog gi bu gar sring bal bcug ste sgra bkag pa/ ... rang rang gi lugs srol dang mthun pa'i sgras brjod pa/ ... brjod bya'i don gang yin rjod byed kyi sgras mngon par go bar byed pa/ ... ming gi rnam grangs la kun sgrog dang/ skad sgra/ grags byed/ sgra skad/ sgra byed/ sgra dbyangs/ sgra 'ur/ sgrog pa/ nges grags/ nges sgra/ nges sgrog dbyangs/ rab sgrog lhang grags bcas so/ 

2) tha snyad dang yi ge'i ming/ ... bdag sgra/ ... dgag sgra/ ... 'brel sgra/ ... 

3) saMkr-ita'i brda sprod pa'i gzhung/ ...


Comment: This is one of the five divisions of external matter  ཕྱིའི་བེམ་པོ: 

form གཟུགས; sound སྒྲ; smell དྲི; taste རོ; tangible object རེག་བྱ. 

Assertions on sounds assume considerable importance in Buddhist tenet systems since they provide an avenue for discounting non-Buddhist assertions that the sounds of the Vedas are eternally authoritative. Buddhist systems emphasize that sounds do not of their accord express their meanings but are arbitrary conventions.




the subject, sound, is impermanent because of being a product




sound, term, noise, voice, grammar, sound, Sanskrit grammar, SA chos gzhan brjod pa'i sgra, tshogs brjod kyi sgra, zin pa'i sgra, rigs brjod kyi sgra, philology, inflections, 1 of rig gnas bco brgyad


1) sound * word, term, speech, name; 3) parts of speech; 4) [SK] grammar [text], philology; 5) language; 6) pronunciation, inflection


sound; voice; language; grammar; (technical) term(inology)


sound; voice; language; grammar; (technical) terminology; sound; renown, repute, account; a sound, noise, voice, term, sonorous, inarticulate speech, word, term, voice, cry, cry of animals, name, inflection, language, philology, grammar, pronunciation; grammar. {ces pa'i sgra kun gyis thos so} everyone heard these words. language, sound, verbal testimony [ggd]