unpleasant sound; Kurava


kuru; uttarakuru


[608] 1) gling bzhi'i gras ri rab byang ngos su yod pa'i gling chen/ ... 2) gling phran brgyad kyi gras byang gling gi gling phran shar ma/ ...


Comment: In Buddhist cosmology this name is used for he northern continent as well as for one of the two smaller continents (gling phran brgyad) that are next to it: In the center, is the monarch of mountains, ri rab (meru). The four continents and eight smaller continents are 

(1) ཤར་ལུས་འཕགས་པོ (videha), the eastern continent "land of [those with] superior/large bodies" with lus (deha) and ལུས་འཕགས (videha);

 (2) ལྷོ་འཛམ་བུ་གླིང (jambudvIpa), the southern continent "Jambu-tree land" with rnga yab (cAmara) and rnga yab gzhan (aparacAmara); 

(3) nub ba blang spyod (godanIya) the western continent "land of using cattle" with g.yo ldan (sAthA) and lam mchog 'gro (uttaramantriNa); 

(4) byang sgra mi snyan (kuru), the northern continent "land of unpleasant sound" with sgra mi snyan (kurava) and sgra mi snyan kyi zla (kaurava). Surrounding all of these is an outer rim of iron mountains.


disagreeable voice, northern continent, unpleasant sound island, 1 of gling phran brgyad, unpleasant sound continent, 1 of gling bzhi


1) Kurava N continent of Unpleasant sound; 2) Kurba: E subcontinent of N continent


Kurava. continent of Unpleasant Sound. 'Unpleasant Sound' [the northern continent]; Unpleasant Sound Uttarakuru (northern continent); Unpleasant Sound, the continent of Ominous Sound. Unpleasant Sound; one of {གླིང་བཞི} the four continents