action; act; deed; predisposition (established by a deed); work; [ablative particle:] from; by reason of; having [done something]; activities. action; *


{C}activity; what it does; function; face to face (with); confronted


karman. antikAt


{MSA,L,MV}*; {C,MSA,MV}*; {MSA}karmin; {C}kAritra; {C}saMmukha(m); {MSA} མཁས་པ་ལས= vijJAnAm *


[2769] 1 ... .1) <*> bya ba'i rang bzhin te rang dang mtshungs ldan gyi sems yul la g.yo zhing skul bar byed pa'i sems pa/ ... bskos pa'i las/ ... sngon gyi las/ ... tshe rabs las rtsis/ ... las dang rgyu 'bras/ ... las 'bras/ ... las kyi bskos thang/ ... las can/ ... las zad pa/ ... las bsags pa/ ... las kyis ded na g.yol thabs med/ ... ming gi rnam grangs la skal ba dang/ bgo skal/ sngon byas/ sngon las/ lhas bskos/ lhas bstan bcas so/ 2) rtags 'jug las bshad pa'i bya byed las gsum gyi ya gyal zhig ... 2.rnam dbye lnga pa 'byung khungs dang/ de'i nang gses mi mthun dgar ba la 'jug pa'i sgra zhig ... rgyun gangs ri las bab/ ... sa phag las brtsigs pa'i lcags ri/ ... spyod 'jug las gsal ba/ ... de la gsum las dang po ni/ ... gcig las gcig che ba/ ... me las kyang tsha ba/ ... kha bu ram las mngar ba/ gting tsher ma las rtsub pa/ ... mya ngan las 'das pa/ ... 'di las gzhan pa med/ ... thob pa las shor ba mang/ ... sgo nga mkha' la 'phangs gyur na/ chag pa nyid las gzhan ci 'byung/ ...




*, action, activity, deed, fate, rather than, karmic action, apart from being a, other than, from, than, it would be better, SA mi g.yo ba'i las, any action, act, deed, work, net effect of actions in one life transmitted to the next life, retribution, result of human actions, from among, out of, when, after, application, than, from, evolutionary action, activities, "as its says in the ...", so that, evolutionary action, apart from (after a verb), rather than, instead of


1) *, action, world-forming deeds * application [of the activities],

2) act, deed, work, fortune, destiny, function,; 

3) says, states, mentions; 

4) [other] than, except for, than, comp case; 

5) of, from




*/ action. {. . . las} there is only/ other than . . . ; due to (the fact that) . . . ; isc. within . . . ; isc. * rather . . . ; isc. this is nothing * . . . ; isc. (*) even so. {. . . las mi gzhan par} (to be) none other than . . .


action, *, karmic action [thd]. so; ཁ་སྐོམ་པལསཆུཞིགའཐུངhis throat felt very dry, so he drank some water. from which. 

1) * [action]. karmic action / deed, world-forming deeds. action application, application of the activities, act, deed, work, fortune, destiny, function, *, * and its results, * and its consequences, the principle that every action produces result. */ action. Ex སྔོན་ལསབཟང past good deeds. 

2) rather than/ besides, other than; other than this. than, [comp. case]. + neg. verb - not more than. activity; due to (the fact that).; than (more than); 3) says, states, mentions [when quoting a scripture]. 

4) one of the ཕྱག་རྒྱ་བཞིfour mudras. task {las bzang po dang ngan pa ci dang ci lta bu bka' stsal kyang mi theg pa med pa zam pa lta bu} like a bridge, there should be nothing that we cannot bear, however pleasant or unpleasant the tasks he asks us to do. says; རྣམ་བཤད་རིག་པལས the Well Explained Reasoning says. in such-and-such it says:


Vasubandhu - Abhidharmakosha - Chapter Five - Karma