cause; [as verb]: wander; move; go; [following a verb, indicates]: to be done


{C}comparison; reason; for the sake of; linked with; foundation; Origins; because; wherefrom and for what reason?; on the strength of that; as a result of; that link; observation; performance; proceeds; takes place; move forward; spread;causality


kAraNa. nidAna. nimitta. hetu. anvaya


{LCh,L,MSA,MV}*; {C,MV}hetutva; {LCh,MSA,MV,C}*; {C,MSA,MV}upaniSad; {C}(=hetu-bhAva); {MSA}*; {MSA,MV}*; {MSA}nimittatva; {C}*; {C}etan-nidAnA; {C}kiM nidAnam; {C}tato nidAnam; {C}tan-nidAnam; {C}pracAra; {C}pravartate (=pravartayati); {MSA}smig rgyu = marIci



1. ... 1) dngos po/ ... chang rgyu/ ... snum rgyu/ ... ras rgyu/ ... 'thung rgyu/ ... bza' rgyu/ ... bsam rgyu/ ... 'gro rgyu/ ... 'khyer rgyu/ ... bshad rgyu/ ... mthong rgyu/ ... go rgyu/ ... ya mtshan rgyu med/ ... ha las rgyu ci/ ... gzhan las legs rgyu med/ ... 

2) nor rdzas/ ... lkog tu rgyu ster ba/ ... 

3) snam bu sogs kyi gzhung ngam dkyus su gtong rgyu'i skud pa/ ... 

4) 'bras bu'i ngo bo skyed byed kyi sa bon nam/ rtsa ba/ ... nye ba'i rgyu/ ... ring ba'i rgyu/ ... char pa babs pa tsam gyis rgya mtsho 'phel ba'i rgyur mi 'gro/ ... shing bzo ba dkyus ma la chen mo zer ba ni rgyu la 'bras bu'i ming btags pa red/ ... rgyu yod bzhin par khas mi len pa de rgyu la skur pa 'debs pa red/ ... rgyu las 'bras bu 'byung ba/ ... 

5) las dang nyon mongs pa de dag gis srid pa skye ba phyi ma 'grub pa'i bag chags sa bon 'jog pas rgyu zhes te/ bden bzhi rnam pa bcu drug gi nang gses shig ... 2. ma 'ongs ston byed kyi tshig grogs shig ... sang nyin 'gro rgyu yin/ ... rman gtong rgyu bsdad 'dug ... las 'go 'dzugs rgyu red/ ... kha lag za rgyu yin/ ...



1 སྐྱེད་བྱེད 

2 ཕན་འདོགས་བྱེད



(1) producer; 

(2) benefitter


sgras brjod rigs kyi sgo nas dbye ba/ 1 byed rgyu 2 lhan cig byung ba'i rgyu 3 skal mnyam gyi rgyu 4 mtshungs ldan gyi rgyu 5 kun 'gro'i rgyu 6 rnam smin gyi rgyu


Terminological Div.: 

(1) creative cause; 

(2) co-arisen cause; 

(3) cause of equal/similar lot; 

(4) associational cause; 

(5) omnipresent cause; 

(6) fruitional cause


Comment: རྒྱུ is used to make a verbal object noun as in bsgrub rgyu which means the same as bsgrub bya (that which is to be accomplished/achieved/practiced) or, in spoken Tibetan, bsgrub ya.


dhAtu. nakSatra. hetu-bhAvena


motive, goal-seeking character of life, necessary condition, immanent teleology, directed control, impetus, initial impulse, sustaining cause factor, Tathagatagarbha, be going to, shall, will, cause, root cause, cause, driving power, motive of Buddhahood, causal forces, SA བྱེད་རྒྱུ, lhan cig 'byung ba'i rgyu, skal mnyam gyi rgyu, mtshungs ldan gyi rgyu, kun 'gro'i rgyu, rnam smin gyi rgyu, nyer len gyi rgyu, skyed byed kyi rgyu, gsal byed kyi rgyu brand, kind of blanket, matter, substance, material, arrangement, preparation, stuff for weaving, (indicates supine or infinitive), nominalizing particle, future tense particle, "should not" construction particle, to string, to put into a hole, indicates future tense of verb, to circulate, flow


1) a thing to be ... *]; 

2) property, wealth; 

3) cloth etc. kyi gzhung ngam dkyus su gtong rgyu'i skud pa; 

4) [primary] cause, causal basis [gd], causality; 5) habitual patterns that are seeds of samsara; 6) definite future showing grammatical construction [eg da lta 'gro rgyu yin kyang sang nyin gro rgyu yin today I have yet to go but I will go tomorrow]; 7) wander, journey, roam; 8) reason; 9) seed; 10) basic ingredient; 11) matter, substance, material [object]; 12) movement, circulation [khrag gi rgyu ba: circulation of blood]; 13) for the sake of; 15) flicker; 16) root; 17) opportunity, chance, possibility to do ['gro rgyu bying song]; 18) shouldn't do ['gro rgyu yod pa ma red (19 existence/ non-existence of something [mthong rgyu yod pa ma red, kha lag za rgyu med, 'bras za rgyu yod] (20 future nominalizing [deb nyos rgyu gi dngul: money for buying the book, kha lag bzo rgyu'i tshal: food making vegetable (21 p brgyus rgyus! string, push through, put into a hole


(verb) + རྒྱུ - (something) to be . . .. (primary) cause/ causal factor


verb + རྒྱུ - 'something to verb'; object. cause [thd]. causal basis, causality, cause, primary cause, to wander, reason, seed, basic ingredient / cause, causal basis, stuff, object, property, wealth, material [object], movement, circulation, for the sake of, that which, something to be + verbal action. v. to move, movement, the journey, to be on a journey, roam, flicker, opportunity, chance. 1) matter, substance, material. 2) cause [primary or direct], reason, root, causality, primary / constituting cause. 3) [vb. + -- + linking verb] future particle expressing 'definite' future action. 4) "has yet to be done.". 5) possibility to do. 6) a] shouldn't do b] non-existence of something. {bag yangs su rgyu ba} wander carefree; intestines; ingredients; cause, primary cause, [hetu]; (primary) cause/ causal factor; among the 16 aspects of the four truths: 

Def. འཇམ་མགོན་ཀོང་སྤྲུལ་: {las dang nyon mongs pa de dag kyang srid pa skye ba phyi ma 'grub pa'i bag chags sa bon 'jog pa'i byed rgyu yin pa'i phyir rgyu'i mtshan nyid can}