each; every; single; hope


{C}enjoyment; relishing; aspires for


{C}AsvAda; {C}AkAGkSate


[2714] 1.rkyang pa dang sde tshan gcig mtshon byed cig ... nang re dgong re/ ... gcig re gnyis re/ ... mi re ngo re/ ... 

2 ... .1) bya byed kyi las dang/ skan nam shi gnyis gang rung zhig gi bar du sbyor ba'i dgag sgra dang mtshungs pa'i rnam gcod kyi phrad cig ... skan ... shi ... byed re skan/ ... byed re shi/ ... yod re skan/ ... yod re shi/ ... yin re skan/ ... yin re shi/ ... 'gro re skan/ ... 'gro re shi/ ... 2) ming tshig 'ga' zhig gi bar du sbyar nas ha cang ngam shin tu'i don nyams ston pa'i sgra zhig ... rgod re bro/ ... brjid re che/ ... 'dra re chags/ ... rgya re che/ ... ri'i dpangs re mtho/ ... stobs re che/ ... lag re yangs/ ... thugs re bzang/ ... dpa' re che/ ... phan re thogs/ ... gnod re 'khyol/ ... 'u re thug ... 'o re brgyal/ ... nyams re dga'/ ... bag re dro/ ... sha re tsha/ ... ngo re tsha/ ... ya re nga/ ... ngo re gnong/ ... 3) bya byed kyi las dang ran zhes pa'i bar du sbyar nas ran zhes pa'i don mtshon byed cig ... ran ... byed re ran/ ... za re ran/ ... skam re ran/ ... 4) ang grangs drug cu dang/ de'i gcig gnas bar la sbyar ba'i phrad cig ... drug cu re dgu/ ...


(Einschubpartikel). Kaschewsky2. For the use of this syllable inserted between the two syllables of a word, making an exclamatory sentence, see Beyer, CT Lang 385. It is used several times in clause-final position in 'Jig-rten-mgon-po, Bka'-'bum (2001) IV 286.


each, every, different, per, SA re ba, ra'i, single, someone, something, one to each, one at a time, certainly, indeed, undoubtedly, gives verbal significance, "hope" particle, sixties particle, "each" particle


1. 1 single some 1 group, each, single, a single one, some, something, one to each, one at a time, some [//nang re dgong re,//gcig re gnyis re,//mi re ngo re]; 2) between verb and skan or shi negation-like rna cod particle, not {mi bsam re} = won't I think of? byed re skan,//byed re shi,//yod re skan,//yod re shi,//yin re skan,//yin re shi,//'gro re skan,//'gro re shi]; 2) very [rgod re bro,//brjid re che,//'dra re chags,//rgya re che,//ri'i dpangs re mtho,//stobs re che,//lag re yangs,//thugs re bzang,//dpa' re che,//phan re thogs,//gnod re 'khyol,//'u re thug //'o re brgyal,//nyams re dga',//bag re dro,//sha re tsa,//ngo re tsa,//ya re nga,//ngo re gnong]; 3) between verb and ran = ran [/byed re ran,//za re ran,//skam re ran,]; 4) 60's counting particle [EG drug cu re dgu,//]; 4) hope, rely). 1) each, every; 2) worth -- [byed re yod pa red: worth doing]; 3) exactly # [nyi shu re: exactly 20]; 4) verbifier [snying re rje: arouse compassion]. 1) each, every; 2) worth --; 3) exactly #; 4) verbifier; 5) hope, wish, intent


. . . (noun +) {re} (adj.) . . . - how/ so (very) . . . !


noun + re + noun - Das: Under "re", 4) Occurs as a particle mostly put between two closely connected words for the purpose of giving the compound word a verbal signification; thus {snying rje} signifying compassion, can be split in two with the particle {རེ} between them and then it means: to take pity upon {snying re rje}; in the same manner {'o brgyal} fatigue becomes {'o re brgyal} = was fatigued. In like manner, we have {nyams re dga'}; {blo re bde}, [to be delighted]; {skyug re log}; {zhe re 'jigs}; {yi re mug}; {don re chung}. MSS: To this list we can add: {zhe re skyid}; {dang re spro}; {sems re skyo}, I'm feeling sad, how sad. [mss]. 

1) each, some. 

2) hope, rely. 

3) used as a negative particle. {mi bsam re} won't I think of?; 

1) each, single, a single one, some, something, one to each, one at a time, some. 2) hope, rely. 

3) used as a negative particle. {mi bsam re} won't I think of? 

4) not, abbr. for {re ba} hope; verb + : worth doing the verb. how/ so. !; how!/ a, an / some; verb + re - worth doing the verb